calling on bastardo mains bestow your knowledge on me please

  • tl;dr whats your best bastardo mod set ups

    So bastardo is my 3rd most played and im ok at him but could definitely be better. my two mains are cass and daemon, bastardo is my flex if we have enough dps. trust me you dont want me on a healer im terrible at it(i know typical right?) what mod loadouts do you run on bastardo? i ran into a person playing him last beta and i forgot to inspect his loadout but he was a monster. constantly doing massive damage and tanking everything. easily best one ive seen.

  • @L0qo

    i run a pretty aggressive mod loadout. "in your face", "death from above", and "short circuit" with this i use any ult, either one doesnt matter. if the enemy team is more difficult il probs run unbreakable. but if my team is good il probs run life support

  • I'm an El Bastardo main, certainly not claiming to be the best though, but I'll share my Mod set up and some extra tips 🙂

    Beta is shut now so I can't remember the exact names of the Mods, but they were something like:

    -Increase Life Support capacity by 150
    -Increase Damage % per 50 shields generated
    -Increase Death Spiral Damage by 15%

    It's basically designed to Death Spiral in a team fight doing the maximum amount of damage as possible whilst maintaining shields and staying alive. I use the Unbreakable Super which has saved me from death, allowed me to hold the point until my team mates arrive or sustain myself to get the last tick of damage on an important enemy. It's very versatile and helps keep you alive that much longer.

    Keep in mind that whilst you have shields up, any basic attack damage you take will not stun you, like Buttercup and Makutu are unaffected by stun lock.

    Stay alive for as long as possible, constantly peel damage for your healers, be aggressive with your Leaps and always target those with the least health, disrupt healers in the backline, make the OBJ your priority.

  • @x-AmberPrice knows what she's talking about.

    Personally, I go all in on Death Spiral. The 15% speed boost on death spiral is absolutely necessary imo, as it covers for much of his weaknesses. I'll also grab some combination of the +2s duration, +15% damage, and +10% defense on Death Spiral, not sure which two I like best yet! The thing is he's just really slow after he uses Leap, and if you don't have to blow all of your stamina chasing down people why should you? If you Leap, attack, evade some, then go into Death Spiral, you can continue chasing down targets while regenerating your stamina. A full channel of Death Spiral will get about 1 bar back, especially with the increased duration. Even if they evade away from you, the speed boost lets you catch up. You can also use that opportunity to engage with evade/empower and save your leap if you think the enemy will immediately try to escape to high ground, Leap, then Death Spiral after them.

    Death Spiral is channeled, so you can work on building up shields without worrying that focus fire with cause you to flinch, though obviously try to time out CC so they don't cancel it on you. It's also an extremely effective way to deal with turrets and wards, much like Buttercup's Whip Lash.

    However, there's clearly some great things you can do with his mods. You can go Life Support/Overload by having damage increase with your shields and improving your shields. You can also go health loss/Unbreakable by having your damage increase with missing health instead and make your Unbreakable super very very dangerous. He has a lot of opportunity for mod synergy, so the only mods I don't like are the ones that don't play into that.

    It just depends on what you want to maximize. I wanted to maximize mobility and defense, so I was using all the Death Spiral mods except the damage one and it was working out for me. I just played to that strength.