El Bastardo how?

  • So In my opinion el bastardo is literally the worst character in this game. Any time I play him I just get wrecked over and over again. I can't do anything people kill me so quickly. Then other people I see play him are seemingly invincible it's like they can not be killed. I know he has life support as a passive empowered and unbreakable to help keep him alive. These abilities seem like they don't do a thing for me I still just get dropped super quick. I don't understand do people have just really good mods for him that make him unkillable or they lag so bad they can't be touched.

  • @XFlamingSparkX You have to add some good mods to him, but you also need to stay with your team and always smashing things around, you should never stand still doing nothing. Remember always hitting people and pop your B on controller if you are low on health.

  • There are mods that you can use to play him more defensively. His shield ability gives him more shield per enemy player near him.

  • @XFlamingSparkX you are playing him wrong. i been maining elbastardo and have been able to 1v4 with him. you just need to learn when to use his abilities. his shield ability is OP. (not op enough to be nerfed) but its a very powerfull ability. the more people around you when you use it the more shield you will get. this ability mixed with his ults allows him to pop off. but yea either way you shouldnt be looking for 1v4s, i probs only won this 1v4 cause they were already low. i dont think you need mods. but yea always stick with your team, with every character. every character can be insta killed if the enemy knows what they are doing. but yea try to get used to his abilities and the combinations you use them in.

  • @D4m0R3d I mainly stay grouped up with my team. The only time I split up is to capture objectives. I don't go running head first into the team unless I'm trying to deny them the point or to stop them from handing in there power cells. I have purchased some mods and I increased his survivability a little bit. I still die pretty quickly. I just keep thinking to myself isn't he supposed to be a tank. He doesn't even have that much health. I understand hes more of a bruiser tank, but it's like why would I play him when I can play niddhog. He does more damage and only has like 100 less hp.

  • @XFlamingSparkX you have probs been using your abilities wrong then. do you know what elbastardos empower ability does?. it steals life from nearby enemies, granting energy to life support shields. meaning when you do this around 4 people you will suck alot of there health and it will give you a shit ton of shield.

    what else is killing you? are you losing 1v1s or is it that their whole team is jumping on you and fucking you up?. cause as elbastardo you should focus the healers and the squishies not the tanks. leave tanks for last for your entire team to kill together, only fuck with tanks if you have to protect a teamate from them. try to use death spiral when around people. or use it to get distance away from your enemy when running, and use your leap of faith the jump away.

    otherwise when attacking its best to save your abilities. get in get someone in a combo, and if they are diving away or running to teamates , then dash them with leap of faith, thereby stunning them, and consider using death spiral/ empower depending on how many enemies are around. death spiral doesnt matter too much, its just better if you can mess up multiple people rather than 1 person with the attack. elbastardo has 3 evades. so you can use those to either close the distance or run away.

    so yea the reason elbastardo is so good is because of his passive and his empower ability, they basically allow you to get crazy amounts of shield. plus hes hard to esscape. maybe you should look at a more aggressive mod list for him and give that a go. plus try learning how to properly use his empower ability and passive to your advantage. death spiral is great for your passive.

  • Are you fighting nidhogger? He counters u pretty hard. You kinda gotta avoid him, I personally don’t like him as a solo tank. It’s hard to peel your team when you’re constantly needing to be attacking to live. You want to be mashing x from the time the fight starts until it stops. And if they group up that’s shields for days