Bleeding Edge What happened?

  • Had no issues with the game since the 2nd tech alpha. I go on and play yesterday for the last closed beta we are less than 10 days till launch and it has ALL these issues? Big ones at that there is NO competetive or ranked/leaderboards the only thing to earn is to lvl and unlock mods/emotes/skins in the workshop and we cant even do that i try playing with my friends yesterday we had to always reset our games and everything was painful i was 13-15 hours grinding out for the carry over for full release for what? NOTHING SAVEDDDD and on top of that the stats are wrong im missing over 100 wins on my account WTH!?!?!?!!?

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  • @Abide-By-Karma are you new to gaming? 99% of all games that come out.. the beta progress never carries over..

  • @Abide-By-Karma youre stuff are not transfered from Alpha to Beta

  • @Abide-By-Karma

    its a beta... they are testing shit. that is what betas and alphas are for

  • @Brony-Team was closed beta to closed beta not alpha i know that

  • @D4m0R3d game comes out in like a week im a little worried but you are not wrong. But shouldbt have a huge issue like that so close to the full launch!

  • @Chief-Jabroni i been playing videogames before u were born SO! Are you new here? they specifically said the closed beta carry over to the full release. it says so in there youtube video when the showed off the new character mekko or the dolphin tank mech. saying progress will carry over.

  • @Abide-By-Karma They actually said that new modes, a compettitive mode and new heroes will be added when the game goes live.

  • @Votre-Daron when did they say anything about competitive? i asked them personally on there video on youtube they even say my name and said there will be NO ranked/comp till later on just not at launch

  • You can definitely expect a Ranked playlist of some sort after launch. Whilst not 100% confirmed and it wont be a Day 1 release feature, I think it's pretty much nailed on, I think that's one of the most requested features alongside Custom Matches.

    I can understand why there isn't any Ranked right on release. There rarely is for a lot of competitive games. Gives players a bit of time to catch up and learn the game whilst seeing if there are any character balance issues/strong metas etc.

    Progress from Alpha to Beta was wiped, but Beta 1 to Beta 2 should have carried over, and that will then carry over to launch.

    Not being able to earn rewards was frustrating but the Double XP/Rewards and extended Beta more than made up for it for me. I think it did demonstrate the importance of having some sort of Progression & Player Gratification in the current climate of just 1 core "casual" playlist. Would love to see more ways to show off certain progression like character & profile levels as I've suggested in previous threads so wont ramble anymore on this one 🙂 Looking forward to Skins though, although I did blow all of my credits in the final hours of the last Beta so I'll have to grind for them all again 🙂