Ultimate Charge?

  • I feel like ultimate charge should partially go up due to how you're performing in this kind of game-genre. the team based ability fighters. Basically, as you heal and deal damage you gain ult charge from that. Right now it seems as though (i could be wrong) that ultimate is just on cooldown, and if there is a daemon vs a daemon they will both ahve their ults at the same time no matter what has happened in the game thus far. I think this adds an extra layer of skill where you're aactively doing things and performing well - and in return you get your ultimate quicker(based off your damage and healing %'s). Yes its similar to the other team based ability games but I think its a good system for something like this.

  • @xBobbyWave

    i thought it does go based on how well you are doing. maybe im wrong i just assumed, havent really payed attention to it.

  • Yes, currently ultimate charge only goes up whilst you're alive at a consistent rate. Some ultimates have much quicker cooldowns e.g. Buttercup's Burnout. Some ultimates are much slower e.g. Kulev's Bamboozle.

    I'm kinda in the middle for it to change to gain quicker based off player performance. I can see both sides.

    It might just be me but I've found more opportunities to make unlikely comebacks in Bleeding Edge compared to other games. You still have the opportunity to win or put up a decent fight even against a team that are clearly performing better than you. I've had games swing in my team's favour when we've looked completely beat down. I think ultimate charge being on a level playing field (whilst you're alive - so there is SLIGHT player performance involved) gives you an opportunity to make something happen which i think is healthy for the game - your team at some point will be able to come together and pair up ultimates even when they're being stomped - and it might just be the catalyst to turn a fight.

  • @x-AmberPrice

    honestly yea i think the ults are fine where they are rn. in regards to the way they charge anyways