• Power Cells
    Power Cells will never work, I think the only way to make this business work is for each character to load a maximum of 2 cells. It is very frustrating to see an opponent with 7 or more cells and you indicate a thousand times to your team and nobody does anything until the other team arrives and kills you. If you force characters to have a cell limit, no one will walk solo in the match, forcing teams to join together and fight for cells, the more you force teams to walk together the more it tends to work.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    sounds like a horrible and boring idea. no offence but think about it. if you can only hold 2 cells theres way less pressure, games go way slower. and way less stratagy involved. seeing people with 20 cells is exciting. i think you just need to work on your stratagy and teamwork skills. from reading all your unbalanced game posts i really just think you should start recording your games, watching how you play, while pointing out the things you did wrong. that way you can get better at the game and correct your mistakes. also use a headset or play with friends to make teamwork easier. or maybe you are stuck in a low mmr lvl with other bad players, in wich case the first tip about watching your own gameplay should help. if you see someone with 20 cells. dont go fighting them unless you have to, or absolutely know you can kill them. be patient and shit will be fine.

  • Your issue with the power cell mode is that your teams aren't helping you kill the person carrying the power cells? Sounds like a problem with your teams to me. The game is in beta - and people don't exactly know what is the best thing to do when and where. It takes time. I actually really love the power cell game mode changes. Less hp on each cell and 3 per group instead of 4 has made the game feel infinitely times more fluid to me personally. I've been enjoying the less down time between team fights. Props to the devs for improving on their game mode rather than scratching it.