I couldn't join the first round of Beta testing...

  • 'Cause It wasn't on Steam, I'm coming in for the second round! I've read that with the first round, you would receive the 'Amor' heart hoverboard trail for free. What do I receive If I join the second Beta testing before release? Will I ge the hoverboard too? I would've played the first round If It was on Steam aswell, but sadly It wasn't, so I had to wait. Thank you to whoever will answer!

  • It was on steam for the first beta. But for me the download didn't show up until the beta started. Others claimed they could pre-download I think but I wasn't able to. For the first beta there was a heart trail for valentine's day. It's not a board but the trail design behind it. I'm also hoping the second beta will have some unique reward!

  • After I read your messages I went to look better and you are right, It seems that there was a way to play on Steam, I think I must have slipped It since It was, initially, a Microsoft/Xbox exclusive which I couldn't play. I really wish to play the Beta, can't wait these few days! Hopefully we'll receive goodies aswell, or at least the 'Armor' heart hoverboard.