• Hello I played MMO games with melee combats for a long time, I would like to leave a suggestion for the dev team.
    you could by skills that are unlocked by characters' lvls, ex:
    character that reaches level 20 unlocks a powerful skill or upgrade skill as he gains experience.
    For skills that cause stun, poisoning, slowness, dissipation of buffs etc,

  • You mean like the mods? Because we already have that, and by unlocking more as you level up it's the same as increasing your pool of options.

    However, it sounds like you want fighters to just get strictly stronger by leveling up. In competitive games like this its a pretty bad idea to add power creep like that to the meta, partly because the only thing that should really separate players is skill level not arbitrary bonuses. A game that's balanced for PvP but then has tiers of meta separating player will just muck up balancing and make it more annoying to deal with. It'll just make a character worthless until you've leveled them up at which point this meta upgrade thing stops mattering altogether. At best, the only meta unlock I'd want to see is perhaps unlocking a 4th mod slot, but really that's just me selfishly wanting more than 3 mods lol.

    But I'm really only guessing as to what you mean dude, you didn't explain it that well.

    Perhaps you mean like... alternative ability options? Like, what if Gizmo could unlock an alternative special to her T-Ruts, where instead of placing turrets she places mines down... that kind of thing? That would be pretty interesting, though if it gets too complicated it would become annoying to predict what the enemy can do because you don't know their loadout until it's blowing up in your face.

    I could also interpret what you mean as the inclusion of a system similar to League of Legend's Summoner Spells, which provide global ability options that any fighter could use, and you unlock options as you level up. This... could be interesting. I personally think that the Flash spell is one of the reasons for LoL's steady decline, but there could be a way to do it right.

  • we have a mod system... but changing the balancing to include new abilities at higher levels is a game changer... something that will take another year to balance out.

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    I completely agree with this - extra abilities may be interesting, but to be able to get more and more powerful abilities, just by playing more, would throw the balance out. The mods are already a nice touch though.

    I don’t know if this was supposed to be a “place your ideas here” thread or simply a “here’s my own idea” one, but for me, the voice options need more selection. For example instead of just having “help” have “I need healing” and “I’m being attacked”. The healing line being one of the most important, in my opinion.