Some things the game needs to improve upon

  • This game has really good heavy bases, but it needs some other things to help it:

    1-The fighters are well designed but they lack the warmth and depth and the feel of real that some characters from some mobas and hero shooters have.

    2-The maps are actually bigger than they need to be and fell very empty, they don't have enough hight or details to be outstanding.

    3-Having a faster gameplay could be great and add on to the much needed chaos.

    4-It would be really great to have some aim involved in dps range characters for example, it would help the case of gizmo, and would make maeve less opressing to play against (not saying she's broken).

    5-Having more sound involved when using ranged firing would be great since sometimes we don't really hear anything other than the melee attacks.

    6-Having more combos or combos that would act differently if used with other abilities would be great and feeling less repetitive.

    7-Having background music or/and loud animation noises would get us caught in the action and feel awesome and less boring sometimes.

    8-Having other game modes that we didn't see before would really help the game feel unique.

    9-If this game went completely F2P it would be awesome and help it against other competing games.

    10-Finally this game really needs some advertising, a lot of people I spoke to don't even know what this game is or what it's supposed to be.

    I'm not saying that I'm a game dev or something, but these might be helpful answers to the criticism this game has faced.

  • May not agree with everything, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to them taking all of your points into consideration. Most of these are solid suggestions. thumbs up

  • Perhaps more lines of dialogue then to make the characters seem more lively? Their designs and lore are interesting enough, but I can see how that may not translate into how they feel during gameplay.

    It's been a common criticism I've seen that the game has a few unpolished aspects. Like not having a narrator (I mean there IS one, but they can do better and do more) for announcing objectives and kills, just generally hyping up the game more. The ranged attacks being pretty quiet is another problem. I, however, have to point out that I'm not sure how you could possibly make the background music more epic than it already is (still waiting impatiently for the full OST!!!).

    The last play clips are also really, really boring 90% of the time. I think they should adopt the typical play of the game setup instead. I want to see the best play, not someone turning in fuel cells at the very end or standing still on the last objective.

    And yeah, the game totally lacks advertising. For the longest time they only barely had one video on the Ninja Theory's youtube channel about it even (there are more now, but not much). Like... not even its own game studio seems all too intent on marketing its own product. It's weird.

  • @Cold-Conduct Thanks.

  • @Evade-This5965 I personally had enough of the robot feminine anouncer, it's been done and redone, it would be cool if there was like a punk guy/girl, something that would suit the overall feel of the game.

    The music is dope AF, it's just that in matches everything feels so silent, it is somewhat bothering.

    They had something else in the alpha I think, instead of the last play, they had each teammate's dope moment and you were able to vote for the one you liked the most, but they replaced it, maybe because they had to improve it or they didn't like it.

    Ninja theory's plans for this game aren't very clear, but I think it was just a passion project they wanted to flesh out? I don't think they wanted it to be THE new cash grab game like overwatch, I think they're more like:"If it works, it works, if it doesn't, no problem, we already have enough amazing games out there".