Game needs Announcer like in SMNC

  • Given that there is always an audience on the battlefield and they encourage and respond to the player’s actions, here you definitely need a commentator like. Not only will this fix the problem of attracting the player’s attention to the tasks of the map, but also add life to the game world. You can hire GG Stack Chip Valvano.
    They were just perfect. Not only paying attention to what is happening on the battlefield, but also communicated with each other with a lot of dialogues, which made the game straight as if you were being watched by many people.

    *Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native language

  • @Armroker2 Might not be a bad idea, as long as it doesn't overdue it I can see it happening

  • @Armroker2 I never thought about that :o. That's a really good suggestion to put in the game. It would definitely make the game more fun and lively. Probably input funny commentria in the game as well. I'll definitely be watching this thread to see others input on this 🙂

  • Great suggestion. Having an announcer would be a nice addition to the game.

  • I am so down for this. It would really add to the immersion.

  • @l2l-HAVOK-l2l This is just raw sound files from game stacked one after each other.

  • No worries @Armroker2, I understood everything. I think this is a good idea. Not only to make the world feel more alive but some hype to the fights. I watch a lot of fighting game tournaments and the commentators make the fights more intense.

  • YES! And a few more commentators to choose from, like in DotA 2 or HotS. It would be really cool

  • was thinking the same thing while playing the beta.

    The whole time I'm thinking "man something is missing but what??" then a hype moment happens, or the game nears the end of the match and ends on a quick quiet note.

    Then it hits me....this game needs a hype ass announcer!

    it for sure needs a voice shouting out multi-kills, objective completions, and definitely needs to shout out how far along the game is.

    It would get my blood pumping if i hear the announcer shout something like "GAME HAS 15 POINTS UNTIL COMPLETION! GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR PEOPLE!" for example.