What kind of skins would you like to see?

  • So has we all know skins will be coming to the game and I want to hear everyones thought and what skins they want or would like to see in the game for each hero.

    Daemon: I would love to see a samurai skin or better Ninja looking skin besides the default clothes he has

    Gizmo: For her I wouldn't mind seeing like a construction attire, I really I can't think of anything else on the top of my head atm

    Cass: I wouldn't mind seeing a ostrich skin lol or something similar to birds. She use to be a bellerina so I wouldn't mind anything of that attire for her skin as well

    Maeve: I literally just want her ball to be a big fat cat as her skin lol or a one piece swimsuit rolling on a beach ball.

    Nidhoggr: Would be cool to see a kiss skin but of course due to licencing I don't think that will happen. Maybe like a punk rock attire would do

    Miko: I haven't really decided on what types of skin I would to see from her

    ZeroCool: Since he feels like a Lucio something like that would be awesome.

    Kulev: Not so sure about this one lol maybe a skin of Him when he use to be a human or a doctor skin with a different snake.

    Buttercup: N/A

    El Bastardo N/A

    Makutu: N/A

    Everyone can share their ideas on skins. For the blank ones I really couldn't think of anything at the moment but if you have something please share all your ideas on different type of skins for each. I'm not really a creative person lol. So please share all you can.

    -Happy gaming my bleeding edge fam 🙂

  • I know that they will never be added to the game, but it's interesting to fantasize,so:

    Buttercup: Hell rider with fire skull and bones; Sports racer; Mb stone age, and a wheel of stone, as in the "Flintstones"

    El Bastardo: Chief cook; Soldier; Forest hunter

    Makutu: A pixel fighter, like the character of a fighting game of the 80s (because it reminded me combo from street fighter); Skin with shock protection equipment, like for skateboards, bicycles and the like.(Helmet, knee pads, elbow pieces and so on); Stone golem

    Miko: Skin "What if the Demon had not saved Miko?"; Forest spirit; Street style

    ZeroCool: Sports skin (got it? He always sits in his chair without getting up xD); Pilot; Secret agent (cause he have 2 guns)

    Kulev: Fabric voodoo doll and toy snake; Live doctor with live snake; Old broken robot snake with a new robot body, instead of a body of flesh

    Nidhoggr: Fire-show actor with classic guitar; Cute character with a rainbow instead fire; Steampunk; Lumberjack

    Maeve: Police skin; Hunter; Little demon; Classic witch; Young maeve

    Cass: Warm Russian clothes; Phoenix; Instead of legs, prostheses like from Gazelle from film "Kingsman"

    Gizmo: Post apocalyptic mechanic; Kitty; Soldier; Now she looks like a hillbilly. But what if make the armor of the future: an exoskeleton, a robot, and so on. (I also want to see her without a helmet)

    Daemon: Hell demon; Is he a little bit hacker or something like that? Would it be cool to have any hacker-style skin; Skin without mask (mb some street style); Full samurai armor; Sushi-master; Yakuza; Rebel/Anarchist

  • Bastardo MUST get a mariachi skin

  • Love this! I'm very excited to see what skins come out. My favorite thing is when there are theme skins that multiple characters have, so I'm hoping to see plenty of that. So far we do have 3 Punk skins for Buttercup, Nidhoggr, and Zerocool, so it does look like that will happen. One of you suggested pixel Makutu, that'd make for a good 8-bit theme too. I also particularly enjoy when a skin makes the abilities look different... so long as there aren't graphical issues that result in one skin literally being better to play than another like what seemed to have happened in LoL.

    @ll-Sen-ll said in What kind of skins would you like to see?:

    So has we all know skins will be coming to the game and I want to hear everyones thought and what skins they want or would like to see in the game for each hero.

    Great idea, as are some of your skin ideas. Crazy Cat Lady Maeve is an absolute must. As for Punk Rock Nidhoggr... may I direct you to the homepage of this website lol? It exists!

    @Niksan3127 said in What kind of skins would you like to see?:

    I know that they will never be added to the game, but it's interesting to fantasize,so:

    That's pretty pessimistic. There are skins so no reason why your ideas can't happen.
    I love so many of your ideas too, so I'll say my 4 favorite ones are Chief Cook El Bastardo (like with butcher knives and a chef's hat? Hell yeah!), Voodoo Kulev (even more into the voodoo theme he has going, the doll could have nails in it or something!), Demon Daemon (full blown fantasy demon~), and Lumberjack Nidhoggr (just the thought of seeing him in plaid cracks me up).

    My Ideas

    Candy Themed
    1 - Peppermint Buttercup: mints instead of her wheels and sawblades, and her Oil Slick looks like peppermint as well, hah!
    2 - Gumball Gizmo: Her turrets could be gumball dispensers, for example.
    3 - Taffy Kulev: Saltwater taffy snake what else can I say.

    Steampunk Themed (someone mentioned steampunk Nidhoggr, thought I'd take it a step further)
    1 - Clockwork Makutu: Gears and such.
    2 - Steam-powered Cass: Her pistons get going when she moves faster.
    3 - Gaslight Nidhoggr: Make him like a bronze machine with fire spewing out.

    1 - Peacock Cass: Someone said doing other birds with Cass but didn't mention the Peacock, which would be such a wasted opportunity! Flamingo would also work well.
    2 - Neon Cass: Picturing daft punk and Tron, could be a whole theme honestly.

    1 - Anatomy Professor Kulev: The corpse is a model for a skeleton or something and wears a lab coat, while the snake has glasses
    2 - Crash Test Kulev: Both of them look like crash test dummies or something.

    1 - Bug Catcher Makutu: Y'know, like a pokemon character except 7 feet tall.
    2 - Sun and Moon Makutu: Have the 2 stances make the orb look like the sun and moon instead, maybe a star theme going on too. This could also work as a yin and yang thing.

    1 - Psychologist Zerocool: Put him in the stereotypical big red chair lol.
    2 - Weaboo Zerocool: Not that I particularly want him to be an anime boi, but it's hilarious to think about.

  • @Evade-This5965
    As for the changed abilities and effects on the skins. This is a very cool idea. In my post "Little things", I suggested besides the track for the board to add such "special" skins for 50k so that there was excitement

  • Ever since the first trailer at E3 released, the characters always reminded me of Cel Damage. I wonder if it was a source of inspiration for some character designs? If the new character silhouette turns out to be a brain in a jar of fish then I will be even more convinced that Cel Damage was an inspiration!

    A Flemming skin for Zerocool would be...cool! - pic

  • obviously cass needs a skin for all the different types of main bird things yea. like a rooster, chicken, flaming, emu? idk what are some more birds.

    same as kulev with the dif types of snakes and the human can be dressed in dif kinds of suits. oorrrr what if we could skin them both??????? wouldnt that be cool and interesting. would make for way more unique kulev skins