Beta Feedback/improvements

  • Some ideas to improve the game:

    • Range Attacks slower shooting rate, with higher damaging hits.

    • Make Range Attack Projectiles bigger/good visible.

    • Range Attacks can be parried.

    In conclusion: Make Range DPS do indiviual hits like melee, just from afar.

    • Change Dash :
    1. Keep it as it is with a Slow Debuff for 1 second implemented at the end of the dash.

    2. Make the Dash a Spot Dodge. Meaning: Make the hurtboxes of the character invincible for 0,5 second or something.

    • Reduce End Lag of Melee Attacks.

    • Make Parries more viable (increase distance you push the enemy away/ increase blockstun on enemy)

    • Make Parries more viable when attacked by 2 or more enemies. When parry an attack, get all enemy attacking you pushed away.

    • UI: Make Lock On system better visible.

    • Improve/Overhaul Targeting with Mouse and Keyboard. (Wasn't able to properly focus the targets I wanted to, especially in stressfull situations)

    • UI: Damage Numbers

    Love the game design! Can't wait to see an improvement of the current game, because fights just feel a little bit of a mess at the moment. (but maybe I'm biased as a fighting game player)