Evade Charges amount (3 to 2)

  • I think with 3 charges you're given many chances for mistakes - you get into a combo, you dash out, somebody uses a mobility skill back to you, they dash out, you dash towards them and combo again, they dash out. and by this time at LEAST one charge has come back - depending on how well you're evading maybe even more. I think reducing the amount of dashes from 3 to 2 will make the gameplay more critical towards mistakes and less spammy on the evade button.

    That being said I've seen a lot of people complaining that they can't catch people but I have no problems chasing people down as long as i force their first dash out before mine. (Except Cass her mobility is insane, she does not die)

  • She dies. Really easy to kill her with Deamon if you know how to use your combos along with Nidhrogg (how ever you spell his name lol)

  • If she's willing to fight sure, if not you can't even come close to her mobility with the auto increase in move speed. Every gap closer you use she can use her own and make just as much distance.

    In other words if the Cass is bad she can die.

  • @xBobbyWave Cass herself is a bad fighter picking her is throwing no real reason to chase her to begin with and if she has power Cells just camp turn in wait for another collection force a teamfight kill her take them

  • @Miketrax That's not even the main point of the post.... It was just a side note but okay. Thanks I guess? I'm aware but when it's the collection one it's pretty important for a character to be possible to catch when they have 25 cells over the course of the game.

  • Well with what is being said about Cass let us jump back on topic lol. I just don't see this having 2 stamina bars pretty pointless to me if you just keep going back in fourth with in combos, makes it less for you to evade and re think your strategy. If you're burning the stamina bar to fast then you're not using it right depending on the character. Some burn more stamina then others.

    I really like this setup of having 3 stamina bars and watching closely on how much you got left to think of a plan and how to mix it with your combos, plus the recharge rate isn't that slow I think they nailed it perfectly. If anyone has the numbers on how much time is it for a single stamina to recharge and for all three bars it would be greatly appreciated. Should be about 3-4 seconds for 1 stamina bar to be fully charged

  • I played Gizmo about 90% and ZeroCool about the other 10% of the beta and found it to be hard to escape from most melee w/ 3 charges.

    It almost seemed silly to give characters like Daemon 3 bars when they seem to be able to stay on top of me while also only having 2 to use for escaping.

    Is there something that im just missing?