Give us More ability information.

  • I spent a decent amount of time cycling through the mods in the workshop seeing what they all were, what ability they went to, what they buffed, etc. And I noticed that there was a complete lack of information. For an example, Miko has a mod that increases her chain heal by 12.5%. Okay great, but how much does chain heal actually heal? I don't know, the ability information just tells me that it heals. With this lack of information, mainly numbers, it is incredibly hard to figure out what mods are actually good or not.

    Also, please refrain from using subjective terminology for the abilities with an egregious example being: Daemons' stealth, "Enter stealth for a short time." When it lasts for much more than 15 seconds. While Miko's Stasis says, "Freeze the target in place for a short time." The actual duration is roughly 1 second, give or take. Both times you use the phrase 'for a short time' with drastically different duration to them.

  • Yes, would like to see all the specifics. They'll all going to be calculated by enthusiasts anyway and put on wikis, but having this info in game is much better.