Is the Future A Brilliant Game Or A Microtransactional Mess?

  • Right now this is a brilliant game.
    Will it stay the same with an expanding roster or will it become a micro-transactional mess?
    It would break my heart to see this become a Pay To Win affair with people able to buy all the upgrades and MODs for their characters.
    It would be crushing to see this morph into something like the "Dead Or Alive" series that has an absolutely brilliant game that has been soured by over a thousand dollars worth of cosmetic DLC.
    Nobody is ever forcing you to buy a microtransaction but everyone has the desire to want to have the "whole" game and that creates a pressure that takes advantage of younger gamers and puts off veteran players.
    Have the developers announced their long term vision for this game?
    Plans to expand the roster?
    Plans to make this the next "Fortnight" (please let this one be a "NO")?
    Right now I love this game.
    I'm worried the low asking price and the addition to XBox Game Pass is just setting us up for a costly pile of extras.
    What have you guys heard and what do you think?

  • @Azrael008uk They said no Micro-transaction in the game what so ever on their YT channel

  • That's great news... to a degree.
    What they said is "no microtransactions now" and "no microtransactions that impact gameplay in the future".
    So the door is open for a shop but if they handle it right and keep things actually earnable in the game I'm happy with that.
    Thanks for sharing that.