Loving the game - some feedback plus wishes

  • So, i am loving the game, it's fresh and the art direction is cool. The characters are charming and they all feel alive. Graphics are nice and the experience is smooth overall. Soundtrack and voice acting are TOP NOTCH, just make them shine a little more (need music during matches, but i am seeing a lot of people are suggesting that).

    Since this game is a multiplayer only game for now, some basics feedback on the overall online department.

    • Some stuttering and lag here and there, if it's a p2p system i advice for server asap, servers are usefull and lovely to build community too
    • Finding a match is fast
    • Crossplay is stellar, it's a HUGE selling point for this game (and honestly, online games should focus on this more often with more dedication, it's the real future for online gaming)
    • Joining an ongoing match is shit, i feel like the game need a basic lobby
    • People leaving a match in a 4vs4 game is brutal and feels bad

    Overall, the online feels ok, but too mutch basic for now

    Now, gameplay

    • I like it, it's fast and hitting people in the head feels good. All the character that i have played or faced online feels powerfull
    • I can't sense that "easy to play, hard to master" kind of feel yet, maybe i need more time with the game
    • However, i don't mind the lock on and i advice you to keep it for some skills. But, some nukes and some cc needs to be skillshoot just to rise the skillcealing a bit.
    • The run game is huge, hard to follow people even with boards, i like how the ttk is high but at the same time i feel the need for more speed overall
    • Balance it's ok for now. No broken character right from the start (keep in mind that i need to explore more all the mods stuff, but if you want to add some math in the stats consider to add some sort of sheet with overall dmg,speed defence vitality for every character).
    • Tutorial is spot on, well done

    Gameplay loop

    • I love it, it's fast, fresh and responsive. The core is there and it hooks you from the start. Don't feel the urge to add AI in the game like minions and stuff, if you slow the fighting you kill the game (i saw the video where you basically said that the game want to be this, and i agree)

    • The maps are ok and they feel balanced for now

    • The modes are really, really basic. They are good but pretty standard. Have you considered a 2vs2 mode? A single arena to fight, best of 3 rounds with some timed spawn objectives. I feel that the game need something like this to mitigate the "ALL IN THE HEALER" feels in a 4vs4 game. Being killed by focus fire without chance is a terrible feeling.

    • You are putting a lot of focus in teamplay, i am not judging but i have mixed feeling. It's there a way to mitigate the solos groups vs premade?

    For now that's it, i can't wait to play more. Keep it up!!!!!!

  • @OkotoPokoto You are lucky if you only have a little lag. Most of my games are unplayable and the ones i do play are pretty painful i’ve tried several times and it always gives me insane lag