game too quiet

  • why is it in the tutorial we have all this great music playing but in the actual game all we have is just fightin noises. can we get that awsome upbeat music and just a slider for voulume.

  • That would be pretty cool just like Rocket league has it. Usually I have my own music playing in the background so it's no biggie to me but I can definitely see myself jamming to the soundtrack while playing

  • That's exactly what I would wish from the game!
    TheTutorial music got me really hyped up.
    But as I joined a match, I really got a bit confused.

  • @Tyramina literally had the exact same experience i had was like wow this music and the combat this is gonna be amazing. actually game just combat noises looked in the options for music nothin

  • I agree. It is rather disappearing when it comes to the music. The music itself is not bad, I simply feel we need music to fight the atmosphere of the game. While I am playing this game, I tend to forget music is playing in the background in the first place. I feel the music should be more upbeat and heavy. When I look at these characters, I imagine a lot of excitement and a rush of madness, so when the music is bland and generic.... It's causes me to lose interest over time in the music and game itself.

    The game is also too quiet because there is not enough player interaction. If possible create more pings communications and try to make players want to use voice chat. If you are looking for pings communications, I recommend try taking a look at SMITE's or Overwatch's system. Also, I would like to be able to interact with my character more often in game. I would like to be able to choice or input voices lines such as funny jokes, bad ass lines, or have the character tell me something about itself. I would feel more in touched with the game on somewhat of a personal.

  • @Napkin-Warrior i agree in games notably dota 2 for me they have custom sound tracks from deadmau battle pack to a orchestra battle music and its rather amazing. On that note to dota has characters interacting with certain characters when they see them kill them or get defeated by them it adds a nice touch and i totally agree with you