Joining half done games

  • There should be a threshold that can be passed not allowing you to join already started games I joined multiple games where I joined a team with 100 points and the enemy is at 500 basically ensuring a lost

  • @FuriousHunter63 Yea the best way to do this is to not allow people to quit the game after a certain point

    That way the team won’t have to play with 3 people. But in case they close the app instead there also should be no join in progress after that same point

  • @ShadoWawker or a penalty like less exp gain from next match, but only if there play a full match to leave ratio gets bad so people who crash don't take the punishment.

  • @FuriousHunter63 If they do penalties it will have to be more than that. We know from overwatch that xp penalties do nothing to deter people from leaving matches

    Myself included. I leave qp and arcade games all the time without a second thought because xp in OW means nothing to me

    Xp could be slightly more important in this game but i don’t think it’ll be enough to make a difference