Daemon nerf / Gizmo Buff

  • Daemon's attacks are way too strong. Especially for someone being difficulty 1. I can't even dodge away from Daemon due to the fact that they can speed right back to me. Gizmo on the other hand, her Minigun is way too weak and barely does any damage. What i'm trying to say here is. If you're using Gizmo and you're in a 1v1, you're screwed due to her MInigun being extremely weak.

  • I've been killed by many a Gizmo using Daemon. Just dodge and keep shooting. Use the jump pad ability to shoot in the air. Daemon's health is extremely low, he is super easy to kill.

  • Just because you die as one character a lot doesn't mean the character is bad. I've not really had many problems with any daemon players so far I actually find Gizmo to be far more frustrating. Ranged characters can tap away at your health for free in team fights. And if you are smart as a gizmo player and stay close to vertical lane above you, you can easily disengage from fights with your jump ability. I see a lot of people calling different characters op.

    Right now I think its really hard to tell. I've noticed a few tanks destroying with high hp and damage but it could also be that they are diving into teams and still getting healed well, not entirely sure yet.

    If I want to say one character is op because I get killed by them a lot it would be the chicken lady, I can't remember her name. She has high DPS and a lot of mobility with her jump, however she dies VERY quickly when CC'd as she seems to have low hp pool.

  • I really don't think Gizmo's damage is weak. I had a perfect game where I could just sit on the high ground with my turrets and fully charged minigun and pump out damage almost all the time and I ended up having over 20k damage. Her damage might seem low but is very, very consistent to the point where during fights people don't even notice that their health is being shredded quickly. Also the fact that her bullets ignore collision makes her even more powerful.

  • You’re crazy if you think Gizmo needs a buff. Her gun gets stronger and faster over time it’s ridiculous. She’s op as hell

  • They are both op in the right hands but a good giz vs a good daemon, daemon has it 90%of the time