Story/Lore Discussion

  • Fortnite shows very well how a game with no real lore can still actually tell a story, and be interesting.
    Not the best comparison but, BE has way more focus on the CHars itself, so I see the potential for a "Living Lore" that grows with the game, new chars and Maps.
    If the gameplay is great, there is no need to try and create a WoW size of Lore. Just tine fun facts here and there is all a PvP game needs.

  • Ehhh, I'd say it would be more like apex with lore

  • I don't know the long term direction they are planning to go with Bleeding Edge, but I think it's evident that it will be almost entirely Multiplayer focused without a significant single player/story experience, at least on release.

    Similar to what has been said above, there doesn't necessarily need to be an AAA single player experience for a game like Bleeding Edge to showcase the lore effectively. I think incorporating the lore into the design of the maps, adding dynamic elements into those maps, new characters, even game modes, etc, would be enough to lay the foundations of a credible storyline and leave the rest to the players' imagination. Which it has already been achieving quite well in fairness.

    Going further than that, I feel like adding something similar to the Character Bios you can read on this website into the actual game itself would be a positive addition - it would enhance the lore even more, make it more accessible to the players to get involved with, and would attract a separate niche audience altogether.

    I play a game called Duelyst, which has nothing comparable with Bleeding Edge at all, but what it does do exceptionally well and what I'd love to see in another game is how it presents its game lore.

    It has a separate selection on the Main Menu which takes you to a somewhat interactive comic-book style section with chapters on chapters worth of lore, along with a world map, details on the different factions, incredible artwork, etc. It would release a new chapter every so often, along with more artwork, and it really transformed what was already a great strategic multiplayer card game into factions and cards with enormous charm and personality. The lore would reflect what was happening in-game too, in real time, telling a continuous story and creating a "real world" almost.

    This was a solely multiplayer game. They didn't need to add this. But IMO it was absolutely worth it.

    Of course, a lot of games release their lore related content through other external medias like comics, animations, etc. But very few incorporate and give special attention to a large, detailed section that is regularly added to and updated in the actual game itself.

    It was always a great alternative to cool off for a bit if you're on a losing streak whilst remaining logged in/interested in the game. You can just open up the "Codex" as it was called, and read through a new chapter or drool at the new artwork. Characters that you've just called a **** in-game will start to gain your love and attention again 😉

    I'm suggesting this for Bleeding Edge because I think it would suit the game extremely well. The characters, and the Bleeding Edge world as a whole, has a lot of potential to be more than just a multiplayer fighter game. There is potential to show a lot of ambition. I'd love to be able to contribute to it a lot more.

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  • @x-AmberPrice I have no idea why this isn't being followed up in this thread! That sounds like an amazing way to go about it. I think I'd personally love to be able to take a break between games to look through something like a "Daemon's Diary Log" for example. ESPECIALLY if NT get sneaky and have little secrets sprinkled throughout the lore posts that take time and future context to figure out. Kinda as if we're told 40-60% of the lore and the community are given breadcrumbs to figure out the rest.

    Leave the fancy cinematic animations to blizzard! What do you think, x-AmberPrice?

  • @MisfitBanjax Thanks for the feedback! Your suggestions are exactly what I'm looking for! I think it's clear that there is a niche audience and interest in the characters outside of their gameplay. I think in a lot of ways it would be a bit of a missed opportunity if there wasn't more exploration into the Bleeding Edge narrative. But I understand time constraints, priorities, creative differences, etc. It doesn't have to be an immediate thing either!

    I think it's quite common actually for games to introduce new characters or features through "ARG's" on social medias right now. While I don't really like the idea of spreading lore into several other medias - and my above post was for lore to have more of a presence in the game itself - I can see potential for new character releases to be creatively revealed this way in the future.

    Don't get me wrong, I would love some fancy cinematic animations too! The cinematics that have been created so far have been awesome. I'm just wary that it takes a lot of time and resources and the Bleeding Edge team isn't endless!

  • @x-AmberPrice Not sure how well it would work for character reveals even though I do like the idea of making my way through some kind of ARG that requires a significant knowledge of the hints in the Daemon Diary (might as well stick to this example) to find some details of the next character. Thing is that characters in development would have things changing all the time that would make it tricky to nail down specifics to hint at.

    Anyways, main thing I'd like to see with such a lore drop is maybe like a comic panel that can be accessed via a dairy page and it's like a very simple sketchy style that gives a visual idea to Daemon's voice over reading from the diary page. Or something like that. Not sure I know how to convey the idea properly.

  • @MisfitBanjax said in Story/Lore Discussion:

    Anyways, main thing I'd like to see with such a lore drop is maybe like a comic panel that can be accessed via a dairy page and it's like a very simple sketchy style that gives a visual idea to Daemon's voice over reading from the diary page. Or something like that. Not sure I know how to convey the idea properly.

    No I understand totally! Along the same lines as the things I'd like to see in the future as well!

  • i hope they add characters that arent a part of the misfits that are maybe a part of a militia or secret agency made to fight the missfits, kinda like whats going on in overwatch so in game we arent fighting our own team ya knnow? i mean sure in overwatch its not like people are gonna go team overwatch and team talon, but you will get a member from team overwatch killing a member from talon, ya know. its just better than completely fighting your entire team, vs fighting some people from the villan team and some from your team. thats just my oppinion anyways.


    yea and it does the game good. players will literally log on just for those lore filled events. just to watch what happens and shit. lore is good for a game.

  • @x-AmberPrice

    i feel like if they did the lore the same way overwatch does it, it would be perfect. overwatch does cinematics mostly. say a new character comes out, a cinematic for them providing some lore backround on them will come with it, we will also occasionally get special character spotlight lore vids explaining there origins, comic books looking into the lore and shit. also skins get designed based off these cinematics and stuff. and then for limited time events you will get to do a lore bases story mission for maybe a month. ofcoarse overwatch has a big budget though. but i think just character cinematics would be good. with this same bio thing and what you were saying about the interactive comic book things, and codex for maps and shit.