Support Classes

  • I really hope that future support characters are made a bit more thought out as Support classes can make or break a game. I personally enjoy maining Support in games, a reason i prefer Paladins instead of Over Watch, as the former has actual support classes that can heal and make a difference a match.

    Insofar as Bleeding Edge, I have no real complaints about two of the three characters introduced so far. Kulev could use a shorter cooldown on his Curse perhaps to make it more impactful but his Good Omen and Sacred Ground are pretty decent in my opinion. It'd be nice also if his Ultimate Boon effected more people or perhaps himself plus another.

    As for Miko, i haven't used her much but she seems well rounded aside from maybe needing to have stasis last half a tick longer unmoded. But the real problem lies with Zero Cool i think.

    He is an abysmal support character at the moment. Can't even heal himself in the thick of combat without unlocking a mod for a 15% self-heal. His normal move speed is tragically slow, his evade doesn't work most often with such a seeming broad hit box. Two bars of stamina with such slow recharge speed that it's pointless even if you do manage to evade the perpetual flinch-lock he ends up in with a dodge.

    The wall ability is a joke in itself and what's the point of it initially spawning behind him and not in front? It makes it take that much longer to move the wall marker, which in the heat of the moment, is a crazy expectation.

    The mini robot is so pointless with such a large cooldown timer and minor damage. And let's not forget he can't attack and heal both so he becomes the biggest soft target with no means of self-defense or support in combat(The joke of a wall doesn't even register as defense).

    Zero Cool indeed as this character is not cool at all compared to both other support characters and even the rest of the roster. And to add injury to insult, it's the recommended support while Kulev is the advanced? Kulev has way better survivibility and function currently as a consistently dead Zero Cool only supports the enemy team in the end.

    I sincerely hope they rework ZC as he's easily ganged on and wiped out. As i mentioned in another post, his heal beam has range issues as well as corners/angles obstructing it at times. And he's absolutely useless while healing. You might think that's a fair thing but he slows down while healing, has no escape/invulnerability skills and is squishy to boot. It's not even like his healing is so overpowered that it justifies all the shortcomings.

    Going forward, i hope future support characters are given the attention they deserve in balancing skills and usefulness. Support are almost always the prime targets in a situation and thus they need some chance at life.

  • I'm with you OP, I mainly play as a healer in multiplayer games. and here I liked so far two of the three we have. Zerocool and Kulev. I still haven't figure how to get the most of Kulev but Zerocool is so good with his Nitro maneuver, and his insanely good healing speed. I often see in the matches, players will try to kill me first if we are grouped and I think this is good tactics and unfortunately yes, ZC damage is a joke but I don't mind it since I play for objective and healing mostly.

  • Have you played overwatch ?

  • Who are you asking Tertalkih? And have you played Paladins or Gigantic as a Support/Healer? Granted, my fav healer/support in Gigantic was Aisling who wasn't technically a healer but i outperformed the actual healer characters most often. As for Paladins, i shouldn't have to comment on how varied and great their support characters generally are.

    And in regards to Zero Cool, is he different then the one i played on Xbox beta? Cause Nitro maneuver was near useless. Either stun-locked to where it doesn't register or out of stamina way too quickly and too often due to being the very first victim of gang violence. He has no speed nor escape abilities, being chased down way easier then any other character that have actual move skills. Constantly being the first to die and easily at that makes him utterly useless as a character to even bother playing.

    Also, at least Kulev and Miko can self-heal while dishing out dmg and being mobile so they stand a chance 1v1 or possibly holding out until help arrives. But Zero Cool gets nada. He is on his own with shit all.

  • ZC - just requires high ground to be effective or team's help without it. Played him on that map with trains and on point B he's just insanely good and unkillable with the high ground right above the point. The main thing that makes it busted is the fact that he can heal through the floor and basically cannot be contested without teamwork of at least 2 people and it has to be Deamon and Bastardo AND even that might not enough when ZC gets some help from his team. He's basically pumping out massive healing, while being untouchable by ranged atttacks and while wasting time of people chasing him. I'm sure there are more spots like that in the game but would require your team to fight in specific places.
    His heal is so op that it makes it pointless to try to kill someone he's healing, so you almost always want to focus ZC first. Other than that, like I mentioned, with high ground and a little thinking ahead his enemies have to burn through resources like crazy to get to him and on top of that his wall also helps him a lot in chokey areas. He lacks a lot in damage tho so I guess that's the trade-off. What change I would like to see in him is nerf his healing but make it so he can heal and shoot at the same time and reduce the cooldown of the bot. It kind of gonna make him a multi-tasking God :P.

    Kulev - I think he is fine as he's is. His healing is balanced, his debuff is really good (especially if you communicate with team and burst down someone) and he can handle 1v1s pretty well.

    Miko - I also think she's overall well balanced. My only issue is her healing beam which heals for too much but is also bugged so that might change things. It's very hard to switch targets or sometimes even impossible and I dunno if I'm doing something wrong but can't think of anything else other than aiming at someone and pressing the key to change targets like it says in tooltip. It makes you end up overhealing only 1 person, cause there's just not enough damage to do anything about it.

  • @iShaddo I never got on a map that worked to Zero Cool's advantage when i played as him. It was always just being burst killed as ZC has no real actual self-defense/escape aside from stuff that uses stamina.

    Team never saved me either, but i only play with random's so there's no cohesion. And heaven forbid your team splits up and its you as ZC plus one other person vs others. Sure, you can heal that single other team member but you're dying fast in the process. And if you play fringe and run away at the first sign of trouble then you're not healing as you abandon your teammate, so whats the point?

    I do agree with nerfing his beam heal to strengthen other aspects of the character though. The mini-bot is meh as is with a long cool down, shortish duration and negligible damage assistance. And his wall move is just as bad as it stands in my opinion. Doesn't last for much time, slow to position and it appears from behind him instead of in front.

    Aside from a heal beam he has nothing else to offer and it simply doesn't offset bad skills or lack there of skills. Considering he's always mounted in his hover chair, you'd think he'd be a bit faster outside of healing or have abilities which let him escape/move quicker. Even the largest tank characters have move speed options at their disposal, not to mention self heals.

    I'm sort of ok with not being able to attack and heal both but only IF his other skills actually compensate for it. Again, as is, his skill set is a joke imo. Kulev and Miko have far more functionality in overall contributing.

  • ZeroCool:

    • press q
    • press e
    • double tap space onto the high ground

    You’re now unkillable and out heal most of the damage in the game. There is only like 3 characters that can even reach you from the position rendering the entire fight halted