No feedback/suggestions section ... Lack of info on skills/abilities.

  • Game tells me to come to forums to discuss balance and make suggestions but I don't see a separate place on the forum to actually discuss this and general seems like a bad idea, but I have no choice so here we go.

    So right now when I look at, for instance, Miko I can see she has a Kinetic shield ability and the only information given is that it has a 16 second cooldown. Now I look at her mods one of them is named "Fortified" which gives 50% more shield health. Now I didn't even know her shield had health just looking at the skill page, I thought it just lasted for an amount of time. Which leads me to the next mod increase kinetic shield time by 2.5s. I look at this mod and I don't have any idea how good it is at a glance. I don't know if that is 10% longer or 100% longer duration. This is all information that I believe should be included in the character ability page.

    This is just a mock-up as I don't know any numbers but just something simple like this would be nice like this would be nice

    There are many more abilities that suffer from this problem. Giving us more information will always help us make better decisions and having information readily available is always better.

    Game is enjoyable so far 🙂

  • This post is deleted!