Common problems these types of games.

  • A lot of fighting games, but even more so heroshooteryish moba things create far too many player casualties. This includes characters that stomp everyone else, mediocre ones that get deemed useless, creating a...."tier list" that players say doesn't matter much while everyone follows it. There are always forum posts where people ask "what the meta is" when getting into the game to know who is winning the most and who is the best and worse characters.

    Some players will use characters better then others and quite often, it's the small percentage of high level players who will convince the devs to nerf a character to the ground (hello El Dragon) causing everyone else to have less fun. Players should always be able use who they LIKE in a video game that you play to have this thing called fun. And while some players will defend the state of a game and tell you to "git gud" problems will be retained, the devs will change things at the last minute, while other players would have just been waiting for QOL changes all along. I do worry that like every other team based comp game, the players will lose their minds, and the devs won't know what to do. I'm not saying you shouldn't use certain characters for certain situations, or that problems won't ever arise, but I don't want Bleeding Edge to be a soulless toxic unbalanced meta fest because the game and it's characters are way better then that. And it doesn't fit the game's aesthetic either lol. These are just some problems I can name right now.

    I can at least encourage the players and devs to remember that we are playing the game to enjoy it among all else and every character deserves the shine, not just the popular ones with the most costumes (no tea no shade to other games, cough.) Can't wait to play!