Character Customization??

  • Love the idea of mods that change character stats to the way each individual chooses to play the game but I hope there are cosmetic changes that can be made to the characters as well whether it be skins or colors that allow everyone to feel even more unique!!! Can't wait to give it a try. Hopefully I get into the alpha. Looks fun!!!

  • i hope we get licensed cosmetics in future. There is alot of franchises would love to see mixed into characters.
    Buttercup- Saw Movie Gear
    Nidhoggr- Iron Maiden Music Gear
    Gizmo- Tank Girl Movie Gear
    Maeve- Wizard Of Oz Movie Gear
    Kulev- Rob Zombie Collab Gear
    Zero Cool- Tron Movie Gear
    El Bastardo- Fairly Odd Parents Doug Dimmadome Gear (okay this is a joke but he kinda looks like him)

  • if they copy overwatch by supplying gamers with endless skins and customizations they will make so much money

    i don't think you need licenses, GTA does a bunch of stuff that looks licensed without actually requiring to pay for license by simply changing names or altering the cars a bit

    when it comes to themes, theres no copyrights... no one owns christmas or halloween... so its really unnecessary.

    its kind of like going to a store where you have the option to buy a 10$ red shirt, but you're asking microsoft/ninja theory to add a nike logo on the shirt because you rather pay 80$ for it, just to have that specific logo

    nah, instead of licenses, you could do what GTA does... take that nike logo and alter it a bit

  • @Dubbmobile as well as the Mod System, the technical alpha will launch with Hoverboard customisations! There's a bunch of boards, and you can customise paint jobs, stickers and trails. Each Fighter can have their own unique board 🙂

  • I think costumes are definitely in, but I'm more interested in the gameplay customization for each character like what they have listed on the Xbox site.

  • @dizzym0th Yea they definitely would. I can already imagine Daemon with different Tengu or Oni masks!!

    @fLabB0 That sounds awesome can't wait to check this out!!!

  • 👹 I really hope we get new characters and multiple skins frequently!!! The art design for the characters are insane!! ☺ ☺ 👹 👾 👽