Fighter Concept: Hydro-wn

  • A scientist with a waterpack on his back, wields a water sword.

    Melee support


    Basic attack: Slash away with a water sword.

    Water Sprint land/air: Move faster, but only in a straight line. (costs water) (water use: LOW) (land)

    Hover in the air (costs water) (water use: LOW) (air)

    Water (passive): Abilities cost water, doesn't regenerate over time.


    Mist land/air: Toggle a strong heal in a small AOE (costs water) (water use: HIGH) (land)

    Creates a cloud for a short duration that slowly moves forward, healing allies below for half the amount mist does. (costs water) (water use: HIGH)

    Jet Set: Launch vertically into the air (costs water) (water use: MEDIUM)

    Reinvigorate!: Restore any lost water.


    Hydration: Teleport to a friendly, giving them shields and a speed boost.

    Tidal wave: Conjure a giant wave washing any enemies caught in it away, dealing some damage.

    Just some fun! No idea if he's OP or trash lol

  • I know this post is a little old now but it's kind of a shame no one responded to you buddy, this is a really cool concept. I love reading about other's character ideas. Maybe Ninja Theory will host a contest at some point and a player will get to help design one.

    As for this character... Managing a secondary resource is fairly interesting but bogs up the gameplay a bit given that this is more brawler than MOBA, but an alternative way to look at it would be to remove all cooldowns on specials and have each special cost 1 unit of water. So you could save it up/spread out your usage, or rapid cast and blow your water (perhaps even all on the same ability!). Then you'd wait to refill.

    Since he's water-based and a support, it'd be nice if one of his specials removed burns and cleansed? There's only one cleanse in the game so far so I'd expect to see more of that later on. A more offensive special as well would be nice, like a water blast with a bit of damage and a knockback effect.

    Either way, cool stuff! I'm excited to see more character ideas as the game gets more popular.