• @MrLLama2691 Pretty sure the alpha is xbox only and is very limited. I'm fairly certain only E3 attendees are in right now. You're gonna be waiting a while.

  • @whatsamicrosoft I got in and i was not at E3 or got a code.

  • @whatsamicrosoft your fairly certain guess is unfortunately wrong. If you’ve signed up since after the announcement at the Xbox Press Conference, your chances of being in since the first test were higher. I signed up right after the conference and got in.

    Your statement that it’s Xbox only for now is accurate tho

  • Hey guys!

    Make sure you check out the latest updates from Ninja Support for more information on how the technical alpha works.

    I would like to let you all know that "when" you sign up for the alpha doesn't impact your chances of being selected. 🙂

    Codes were distributed at E3 as a special give away, they are not a part of the technical alpha and if you are chosen to participate you can simply go to the Insider Hub and download the game!

    @Ninja-Support said in Tech Alpha Invitations & Codes:

    Hi everyone

    We've noticed some confusion regarding how people are getting into the technical alpha so we're posting this to hopefully answer some questions for the community!

    When you sign up for the technical alpha, you log into the website with the Microsoft account details associated with your X Box profile. If you are invited into the technical alpha then you can log into the insider hub on your X Box One console and download the game. NO CODE NEEDED

    The codes were special give aways distributed by Ninja Theory to players at E3 to fast track them into the technical alpha.

    The first test on the 27th is for X Box One consoles with PC coming later down the line, we will be adding more players and more regions over the course of the technical alpha.

    Hope this helps!

    alt text

  • @Tetris229 It's a problem if I put a different email address as my email address on the x box because I received the email but I have nothing in my ''
    x box insider''

  • @Adrix1603

    So the email is used only for contact, this would be question 14 of the survey I think?

    The Gamertag you were logged into at the time of filling out the survey is what will be added to the technical alpha.

    Things to check:

    • You are accessing the X Box Insider Hub via an X Box One console and not a PC.

    • You are accessing The Insider Hub via the X Box account used to complete sign up.

    • You received an email from Ninja Theory confirming you have been invited into the technical alpha.

    If you've checked all these details and you still can't find the game you should send a ticket via the Support Centre

  • @Ninja-Support what time is the test alpha is given out

  • @Ninja-Support Bonjour j'aimerais savoir quel sera le système économique du jeu

  • @Ninja-Support One thing that immediately catches my attention is the art style and colors. That alone interest me, but, after seeing the gameplay I am even more intrigued. Seeing all the characters, you can tell their all different and id love to fine the characyers that are right for me. CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!

  • This seems to be an interesting game, and could be a great replacement for the Gigantic-shaped hole in my heart. The gameplay and art style looks intriguing, and I'll be sure to keep tabs on the game up until launch.

  • @techno-52 Buttercup

  • Hey Bleeding Edge Team! I wish you all the best in the launch of the game.