What's Everyones Favorite Ninja Theory game?

  • Ok, let's hear the inputs, constructive criticism please. Everyone has their own opinion and such 😁

  • @Yukko-Kanoe
    I have always been passionate about third-person games with hack and slash elements, so any game with these elements already has a small part of my attention, and I even became a fan of Ninja Theory's work when I met the DmC: Devil May Cry prowess. a surprise because the team had given a fluids to gameplay mainly in the exploration of the camera in several angles until then not utilized and elements to the game that really elevated the title even having been much criticized in the time of launch, like fan of games third person and hack and slash I loved the game and at last I started to be anxious about future projects of Ninja Theory in the same way as the DmC, the time passed saw Ninja Theory releasing great titles like Hellblade and this made me even more anxious and hopeful of what could come from future, who knows a new IP to hit head on with titles like Devil May Cry 5, but I confess that I was giving up when in E3 that year Bleeding Edge was the nunciado ... I was in shock the title not only imcorporated everything I was anxious to see coming from Ninja Theory but also featured cartoons colors and models (of which I'm also a fan since I love animes), I searched insanely for more information and saw an interview with one of the team responsible for the game in which he told about a skill tree that even having 2 theoretically "equal" characters on opposite sides to the "tree of hality" chosen by each player would make both totally different in gameplay, it was then that I thought "What other innovations may come from that title" and it made my mind almost explode, almost instantly I was already writing in the alpha to have the chance to see with my own eyes how that title would raise even more the market of games in third person and or hack and slash.
    Unfortunately I was not selected for the alpha (until the moment this text is being written), so I do not know if I will be selected for other stages alpha and or betas, I'm kind of sad about this since for years I wait for something like Bleeding Edge but I know that the people who are playing should feel like me and should be experiencing a great experience and helping to refine what in my opinion is already a pretty well refined game.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the future of this title and I hope from the bottom of my heart that Ninja Theory does not abandon it or put it aside because it can revolutionize the scenario of coop-multiplayer games.