Dear devs

  • Brilliant

  • Man, l had dreamed that this game could start grow up and hit a stage for organize a E-Esport for it.

    So many things that l wondering that could had being destroyed by a notice whose now reveal how "excited" they was and how they "tried" to invest in this game

    Vomit a dirty master piece like this doesn't gonna shine if you don't clean up, and yeah....all is gonne now

    Was great to play with you all, that the last moments of us playing our last matches been especial.
    Thanks for create this game,but it's a shame and such direspect do something like this without even tried.

    Hope never get in their minds to do a multiplayer game again if is just to throw away like a abandon dog as BE was.

  • The fact that there will be no more content was clear a long time ago. I'm only interested in this question: does it mean "no content updates" equals "no balance updates"? Will they leave the game with a broken balance, godkutu, cheese, airsassin deamon, poor miko and over shit that we wait 6 months to fix, playing every time with suffering?

  • É infelizmente aconteceu. Abandonaram se ao menos dizer um adeus em uma última atualização de bugs. Muito triste isto!