A potential year for changes and improvement for BE

  • Anyone/ few people still have some fellins that BE can have a second chance and finally start be something in this market,even if doesn't be one of the biggest in future.

    March/game's anniversary is approaching, and probably must people (included me) felling that something can be done for the game,as well already been 5 months of no answer,news and pronunciment about their no activity since azriel's patch.

    A lot of feedback had be shared for many people, balance was something very questionable in this patch, and some problems that was solved,like portal glitch been corrected after the new patch,but whose some others we didn't know that was fixed ,because there wasn't a info about.
    And also, many others that still in the game,like a bug that ,you in dojo (if l'm not wrong)in the menu,when you start get in a match,at preparation fase, your screen(in pause menu)is frozen ,and you only can get off by closing the game(don't know if someone had that experience too and probably is something new).

    Punishment system still so kind for people still sabotage,throw their games or been assholes/aggressive with others, more insantivation and the own rules/methods also aren't enough for given us more good than bad games like it is today.

    Leaderboard,even it is a good idea for give some competition, been easily sabotage,no rewarded(at least for the moment,as we doesn't have ranked) and basically transform casual in a ranked, screw up her shine.

    If we have some news before patch comes out,will be the time that hype gonna back, and hopefully that devs can do better forward.
    But until this possible hope,will be a doubting thing If devs are still working and solving/planning fix the many of problems in general that this game have and continue the currently updates.

    Well, wishing that this year can be better for BE.

  • @XxUnReached does anyone actually still play the game? I tried to play this a few days ago and looked for a match for 8 minutes without any luck. It was such a shame really.

  • @Pilot-Nexus Yes,some people are playing this games,and even some new ones are try too,but for they stay is other story.

    Try to cancel and star search again for a match, could be a case that the matchmaker is bugged.

    Are about less than 100 people playing this game,more in final afternoon.
    But is possible to play in afternoon after lunch,at morning is a little more difficult

  • @Pilot-Nexus Of course. People still play this game every single day to the point where I rarely have trouble finding a match. I do understand that plenty of people apparently try play during very off-peak hours, something I've only experienced once. And you're right, it is a shame. I really do feel for ya. If it helps, we do play customs every Saturday night from about 9pm GMT until 11pm (roughly 3pm-5pm CST). I host it from my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/b4nj4x) where you can vote during matches or between to help determine if we play normally or mix it up a bit with a minigame like Catch the Cass or Healer Hell.

  • Infelizmente não será um grande ano, terá potencial nenhum! Abandonaram o jogo sem nem ao menos deixarem uma última atualização...