So when is Daemon getting fixed?

  • Ya'll already know what I'm talking about. As more and more players begin to learn the same aerial cancel combo the game is getting boring.

  • They could nerf daemon damage while stay in the air

    But, don't know when devs will decide talk with us about their plans for the game(or if they gonna give up,Idk.)
    Future is uncertain for this game

  • It is boring as hell. That's basically why I despise metas. However, I have to say that it's not really a problem. It's annoying that it's relied on so much but here's why, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think it's something that needs to be "fixed":

    1. It's something that actually takes some skill to pull off consistently
    2. It really showcases Daemons strength in a flashy way which is very appealing to new players
    3. He's an assassin, this is what he's meant to do. Burst people down out of nowhere. Get over it and learn how to counter it

    Figure it out, don't let it get you down. By all means, roll your eyes, I know I do, but he does have weaknesses, he's squishy and that tech requires a fair bit of commitment. When you expect it, you can keep an eye out and react quicker and shut him down. Get the hang of doing that, it doesn't seem so boring and more of a challenge to overcome that shows your own skill over others.

  • @CelestialUmbran yeah it can be annoying to take 600+ burst out of nowhere but if you look at what the Hero needs to invest it starts to become justified. You need at least 2 mods: increased damage out of Stealth and increase Shift Strike damage. You need to invest at least 2 abilities: Cloak and Shift Strike.

    For the most part I think it is fair. The rest of Daemon's kit feels underwhelming without it and honestly this playstyle is much nicer than the old one. Same build but the damage bonus from stealth was only on one attack instead of for 2 seconds at a reduced value. This made it so all Daemon has to do was land Shift Strike out of Stealth instead of needing to juggle the target. The old style dealt slightly less damage but all you had to do was land the 2 cuts from Shift Strike instead of the current 2 aerials, Shift Strike, 2 aerials.

    The rest of his kit is pretty underwhelming considering he only has 600 hp and can only burst someone down without the air combo by using basic attacks and resetting his combo with shurikens. Thats only effective against Heroes without an escape or Stamina/out of Stamina. Lately I've been practicing my parry on his 4th basic attack in the combo (the one before the shuriken reset) so I'm able to completely deny his basic attack resets. As long as I'm playing well, of course.

    Overall I'm fine with the aerial combo, as Banjax said it is one of the few combos that actually requires skill. I would be fine with a damage decrease, a slight one, but other than that I think the air combo is one of the better aspects of the game. I wouldn't mind to see more of those honestly. It would be cool if Cass had one (I've sorta been able to pull something like a juggle combo), El Bastardo has one (it is insanely hard to pull off), any melee Hero has access to some sort of aerial combo just Daemon's is the best by far I think it is fair for him to be the best juggler.

  • @b4njAx baby but there's no counter if done correctly so have a seat

  • @CelestialUmbran Sucka, Cage, Stasis, Leap Of Faith, Yank, Attractive/Repellent, Evade.

    Counters aren't always a 1v1 thing so yeah, a Daemon lands it on a Zerocool, that Zero can't do much but evade the shimmer. Any of the abilities I mentioned above can and will disrupt a perfectly executed air tech combo. Just gotta keep an eye out for it and that's pretty easy for top players. I struggle to spot the shimmer so I can't brag but just because I can only catch it out some of the time doesn't mean it's uncounterable. Most times I use AoE to make it more difficult for Daemon to get in position. That there, is a counter. Kulev's Sacred Ground is particularly good. If Daemon tried the tech on someone within such an AoE, his stealth breaks and the combo can easily be evaded out of unless he whiffs the first hit in the chain but at that point, he'll lose any benefit from Trickin' by the time he Shift Strikes, if at all given the fact he'll then be vulnerable to any teammates keep an eye on the teammate Daemon happens to target.

    Point is, once you know there's a Daemon trying to air tech constantly, keeping an eye out for it and shutting it down is relatively straightforward. If your team has a Zerocool, just watch their back better and you'll see that shimmer coming a mile away.

  • Also, the first aerial attack is hit stun only and the second aerial is the knockback. If you evade the second aerial you will always avoid the combo. You can parry aerials but thats tricky and borderline impossible to practice.