Tips for every individual fighter: How to use your character effectively

  • Here is a compilation of some super useful tips for every individual fighter in the BE roster, that you can learn in order to be as effective as possible with them.
    I tried to make the post as short as possible to not scare off new players, so this is definitely not all there is to these fighters.


    It's very useful for a Daemon to accurately estimate/calculate his damage output, so that he can preserve his low hp pool by only coming out of stealth once he knows he'll either eliminate the target or deal significant damage that will give his team the advantage. On the other hand it will suck if he would shift strike out of stealth into the enemy team, and all the targets are still above 50% hp.
    You want to not only land your skills, but also understand how much damage they will do.

    This one is a very popular skill. Nidhöggr players should practice their shredder so much until they learn the exact time it takes for the shredder animation to complete, and how to quickly start the shredder animation again by hitting the shredder input at the right time.

    It goes without saying that she better know how to parry, but another useful skill to learn is to control your jump pad. When fighters get hit they turn towards the direction they got hit from, and this can cause Gizmo to jump in the wrong direction if she got hit as she got on the jump pad.

    Same as Daemon. Since Maeve is an assassin with low hp; you want to make sure that you understand exactly how much damage your Siphon/Basic attacks will do, and preferably use them when you know you'll eliminate your target and get the killing blow (aka don't siphon a full health target unless you know exactly what you are doing).

    The most important skill to have as a Cass is the ability to dodge all forms of CC, because if you get caught as Cass you're pretty much dead. So learn how to dodge Maeve's cages/Buttercup's yanks/Nid's boomitar, etc. and make sure to wait till the enemies have expended their CC tools before you blade dance on their graves.


    If you main Miko then you should learn the range of all her abilities including her kinetic shield. As a matter of fact, the size of her kinetic shield is the most important thing to learn imo. You want to know exactly where the shield will appear, so you can position yourself accordingly and cast it in a way that will cut off point blank projectiles (like a maeve siphon while she is very close to her target).

    Learn to PARRY!
    And also to keep an eye on your healing charge. A good zerocool will know when to stop healing during the fight in order to charge up and go back to do more healing when it is needed (aka don't just press the heal button and pray the fight ends soon).

    Targeting! As a Kulev main you need to be a master of targeting the right ally/enemy. You need to always shield the right ally because if you can't do that, your Kulev is pretty much useless for the team. Shielding the wrong target is a lot less forgiving than cursing the wrong enemy.

    1- Learn to stack your soul eaters as much as you can, which you do by attacking different enemies, and having your void wave hit as many enemies as possible.
    2- Learn to accurately track your allies and place your portal as close as possible to them. If you can learn to place the portal exactly on your allies, then you've mastered the Portal.


    Almost everything about Bastardo is self explanatory, so there isn't much you can get wrong, but if you want to take your Bastardo to the next level, then you should learn to always land your leap of faith. It is the only ability in his kit that can directly help your team (by stunning the enemies hit), and if you can stun more than 1 target while your team is close, then you've given your team a huge advantage.

    Buttercup's aerial attack is a very powerful launcher that can even send tanks flying, so use it to peel and to disturb the enemies as much as possible. Buttercup's Launch ability is also very useful to learn, because it enables her to quickly reach her destination without mounting up. If you see a distant ally requiring assistance, you can use your Launch to quickly reach them and immediately stagger the enemy as well.

    Leg-it is an extremely powerful utility tool. Heck it can even make your whole team immune to stagger for a few seconds. Learn to make the most out of this ability.

    The best thing you can do with Mekko is life-lining your allies and pulling them out of danger. If you learn to lifeline the right target and quickly pull them to safety, then you might have just made Mekko be viable again.

  • Mekko is more useful when you use your orbs proprialy in some fights to use for yourself, but mainly for give shields for your Ally while is taking damage and also be careful where you pull someone at danger

    The inexpert ones will pull randomly their life line, should be use more for when you are in a good position for pull someone whose doesn't gonna be stuck(like you pull a Ally in front of a enemy,you basicly kill your friend, because he won't get next to you and while take damage,he can't do nothing until can use his free evade) or/and give him a shield when you are defend a point and he is the focus enemy target or isn't in a good spot for pull him, always makes sure for get more orbs and use more your life line for give shields more during a fight or get them from danger while you are IN A GOOD POSITION FOR PULL HIM.

    Also, always use his onslaught to put away the enemy when are in the point or deal damage in some Ally,even for stopping some abilitys like Maeve sifon

    His orbs is important for have a good play with him,so always get ready for use them and use map traps for get more, aqueducts for example is really good for him,because you can always have 2/1(with his more orbs mod) orbs to use when you let take damage from the electric fence.