Better bonus and rewards for help newcomers

  • Stay with newcomers is honestly most times frustrating, more because they doesn't even try working as a team,and most player leave games because of them or sometimes even with some experience players aren't fit with each other and just leave.

    The actual bonus is a joke and anyone(included me,but l just don't care about this bonus) have will for play better to get them.

    Bonus aren't insensitivation for people play better as a team,that actual bonus just.... exist,and that's it.

    For all old players and mainly for new ones(less than lv 25) , could have bonus like:

    Communicate and help constantly in your game and with your d-pad actions/headset
    Help designate newcomers/other players to target/go for the targeted enemy fighter,win fights,help teammates,hold points, collect power ups and stuffs like that.Could be good rewarded for people who tried constantly help your teammates.

    Could have a option for Players give a feedback about their teammate,if them went well during the macht and if them was respectful with each other (whose could affect something in statics) in a way to reduce more toxicity, like OW did,also would be great if the best clips of each players in both teams when be the best voted clip,would gain a credit bônus, others who vote would gain a little too.

    Play with new players
    People stacking/playing until games ends with them and helping them to learn more about BE,should gain a little of credits and more XP for newcomers whose was stacking with old players (like lv50 and highter)

    Successful report reward
    For players whose had a successful report,they should gain some credits for that, would incentive for a more clean game and community as well(if of course report system works than today doesn't).

    If devs were/still really caring about this game(whose l don't believe so much), hope,if they're work on BE, improve more this crap bonus.
    Someone else is thinking than need be more ways for players be rewarded?

  • @XxUnReached Let me respond bit by bit...

    1. New players can be frustrating but that's not their fault or the devs fault. Newcomers will naturally not know how important working as a team is in this game or even what good teamwork even looks like with fighters they hardly know. If a more experienced player gets frustrated, that's their own fault for not understanding and accepting that.

    2. The bonuses are fine. The game has been out for about 8 months and players who've been playing since launch are already finding the bonuses to be irrelevant to them since they already have all the mods and any cosmetics they care about. There's nothing wrong with a bit of a grind. Don't blame the game just because it expects you to play it to earn everything (for free I might add).

    3. Bonuses aren't really there to incentivise anyway. Rankings (which currently don't really mean anything) and a player's individual drive to improve is what does that.

    4. Some of these suggestions sound potentially exploitable so games hardly do that as far as I know. Like the first one, that's already covered with the bonus from highest objective score. The second one isn't a bad idea. Would be nice to encourage stacking with newer players. Also the feedback idea is good. Would be nice to have the upvote of sorts visible to the players being upvoted and maybe then have a bonus like the others for most upvotes but I am unsure how they would reasonably implement that without screwing up the flow of the end game screen. The last one, pardon my bluntness but that's just stupid. You'll just end up with people ganging up on other players with reports to farm the bonus.

    Hope my words weren't too harsh, didn't want to shoot you down or anything. Just trying to be honest. Legitimately though, with regular enough play, those "crap" bonuses get you so much after a few months so don't let yourself get impatient about the grind. Like I hardly play more than an hour every few days since launch and I have unlocked every board, sticker, most of the paint jobs, all the skins I care about and I have all the mods with loads of mod parts left over. I also have every fighter up to at least level 17. Long term, the bonuses as they are are pretty good.

    Really the best way to help newcomers is if they add a Practice queue to fight against AI bots and for the playerbase to be more welcoming and understanding to them (the newcomers).

  • @b4njAx Nothing against in what you said,l barely agree in almost parts of all you had said, and yes,included me that doesn't like fit with them, is more experience players fault.who are really begging yes, isn't their fault to do most things wrong in a game because is natural, now for who whose are more like a lv25 could have a knowledge to trying work together,that l would say be barely more his fault for not unless stay together as a team, but usually l doesn't really mind when that a little more experience player do something wrong things,but unless is trying help his team. The balance affect many times for most people,and me, have a Prejudgement of most them,but experience ones could try help them for knowing more about the game,but include the quality machts and even report system, some bonus would barely help with that.

    Bonus,in any game l can say, isn't so relevant for sure, a P V E for example would ,of course, be way better for help new players improve them selfs.l more aiming in speak about people, mainly new ones who seems more interesting in cosmetics, that wants grind and play for get some more credit and XP at same time is helping his team.

    Now about the"Successful", sorry if you didn't get what l mean, though was clear in said that, but what l really wanted to say is when the people whose received the reports from players completely analyze the situation and saw that was a real problem like someone be disrespectful with their team/someone was trolling/be AFK /leaving constantly in mid games and among others things. depending how serious is the problem type and how constantly this person harm others,you gonna gain some bonus for that, so isn't just report and you earn that, the case need be patiently determined for apply this reward.Some games like CSGO(if l not wrong) do that,hope was clear now,but of course depending how NT devs will manage that if they decide do something like that.

    Glad to speak something with someone,and don't worried, l don't get offended when people trying kindly say,in their way, your opinions with some arguments point ^_^