Fighter Related Feedback

  • I want to be as straight to the point as possible so I'll skip introductions and head directly to the suggestions:

    Bastardo's death spiral should not be interrupted by Makutu's uppercut.
    The intention was to make Makutu's uppercut work on tanks and shielded targets (yes I read the patch notes). Interrupting a special ability with your basic attack is just absurdly overpowered and it destroys Bastardo as a whole. Please change that.
    I'm begging you...

    Kulev's value in team compositions is smaller than it should be
    Kulev is meant to be a buffer/debuffer, but the debuffs he offers are of close to no value. His curse (which one can literally dodge) is very easily countered by Zerocool who is essential in every meta this game has had since launch. Kulev really needs anti-healing features.
    His other debuff Bamboozle can not only be interrupted by any form of cc, but Makutu can literally cleanse it off. Such a massive cooldown for such an easily countered ability.

    Azrael really needs more mods
    Compared to other fighters, Azrael is the fighter with the least amount of viable builds. Some of the mods straight up don't work ("Aggro" mod literally does not function at all) and generally his mods do not allow for any creative approaches compared to other fighters. Which is why it's your turn to get creative with him and give him some better mods 😉

    That's all from me. I'm sure that the community has more changes they would like to see, but in my oppinion, these 3 points are very essential.
    Thank you for reading

  • Other changes that devs could considering change in future

    Change mekko safe zone bonus
    Probably l the only one again whose are asking for a change and Doesn't see anyone discuss.

    This is his actual safe zone bonus(less healing enemy upcoming in safe zone area) whose in any situation is useless in 1v1/mainly team fights that someone are in your safe zone with none receive healing most of times,and for team assist,this bonus never help because he never works for help prevent less healing like he should be.

    Like l said some time ago,change the bonus for more DR for him will be much better and worth to use for you and for your team.

    Some little changes in buttercup kit/his ability

    This I don't know very well,but l fell some mods isn't soo efficient for her

    Meave is someone whose could receive some nerfs in her kit too, some damage mod(like shederferd) are strong ,and other whose just are useless and don't offer a good variety of gameplay stile(like 100% more speed in her vanish ability with any other mod)