Learning the game: Who should you play?

  • In this thread we're gonna try to give recommendations on which fighter(s) from the BE roster to play during which stage of one's learning process, while also elaborating on the reasoning behind each recommendation.

    The thread is mainly intended for beginner and intermediate players, since being an advanced player means that you're capable of bending the rules and finding creative ways to achieve what you need. With that being said; let's get started with the fighter recommendations.


    The fighters on this list are ones that do not carry big responsibilities, and that we can get away with depending mostly on just their basic attacks. The 1st lesson to learn is to basically allow the more experienced players on our team to carry us while trying our best to contribute at least a little. The fighters most suited for that are:

    He's a melee support fighter, meaning that you'll be staying close to your team and fighting when they do. Sounds very simple, right?
    Just remember to place your guardian angel halo on an ally, and then proceed to playing as you please.

    El Bastardo:
    He's a little bit of a tank, and a little bit of a damage dealer, meaning that he has a lot of hp as well as the ability to dash and parry which makes him perfect for the learning process. As long as you make sure to move together with your team, it is hard to go wrong with Bastardo.

    If you want to learn the art of ranged combat then Mekko is a good starting point. He is harder to kill than other ranged fighters thanks to his shield and high hp.
    However, with Mekko we have to at least try to use our abilities; meaning that when you see that your team is fighting you should place your safety zone where they are fighting, and then proceed to play as you please.

    He's my last recommendation for beginners because he has very low hp and is therefore harder to stay alive with, but he is your pick if you want to go all out on dealing damage. Daemon has the fastest attack speed among all the fighters, and that means that once you engage on an enemy you are almost guaranteed to deal a huge amount of damage.
    Just, as usual, make sure to stay close to your team and fight when they fight.

    What are we hoping to learn at this stage?

    • How to stay and move with our team
    • How to fight (with our team)
    • How the game works, what our personal play-style is, our personal strengths & weaknesses, and basically the fundamentals of Bleeding Edge


    At this stage we want to share some of the responsibility of carrying our team to victory. The 2nd lesson is to widen our scope a little to see the bigger picture than just mindlessly hacking and slashing what's in front of us. To protect our team mates and to use our abilities to create advantageous situations for our team. The fighters suited for this lesson (in addition to the previous list) are:

    He is the strongest damage dealer in the game. Nidhöggr players have the responsibility of dealing crazy amounts of damage, and unlike Daemon, Nidhöggr must make full use of his abilities in order to achieve that damage output. So you want to be using your shredder whenever you think you can, and try to be a real sniper with your boomitar.
    You basically play Nidhöggr with the purpose of being a destructive killing machine with absolutely no mercy.

    If you want to do as much (if not more) damage as Nidhöggr, but while being purely a ranged fighter that deals damage with their basic attacks and uses abilities to create safe distances between yourself and the enemies, Gizmo is your girl.
    With Gizmo your purpose is to hold the fire button and only let go of it when you need to move to safety. However it is important to understand that the type of damage Gizmo delivers is aimed to "pressure" the enemy team, meaning that if you see them retreating, you'd be putting yourself in danger if you go for a chase. Let your team take care of that. Your job is to do free fire during the main battle.

    While Makutu is generally safe to play thanks how hard to kill he is, the main purpose for playing Makutu should be to create opportunities for your team, and for that you need to make effective use of your abilities. Repel is used to either disengage from fights or to interrupt enemy abilities. Attract is best used to build up for your main offensive tool which is barging the enemies you've attracted straight into a wall; for a perfect kill opportunity that your team can follow up on.
    There are multiple fighters in the BE roster that qualify as playmakers, but Makutu is a fighter that is mainly a playmaker. Keep that in mind.

    What we want to learn at this stage is:

    • How to make the best use of your abilities
    • How to be a carry for your team
    • To understand your win condition as well as the enemy's win condition


    Zerocool: The responsibilty that Zerocool players carry is huge. Zerocool is literally the heart and most vital point of any team.
    Kulev: He is extremely dependent on his abilities, and the way(s) to use them is too complicated for beginners/intermediates.
    Maeve: While braindead, she is a fighter that can only be played effectively by advanced players.
    Buttercup: She teaches less about the game than Bastardo, and is generally worse than Makutu.
    Cass: She doesn't fit into most team comps, and what you learn while playing Cass cannot be translated into other fighters.
    Miko: She is very weak and picking her will put your team at a disadvantage because of how weak she is.

    Thank you for reading this bundle of tips and recommendations. See you on the battlefield!

  • Just gonna say a thing about azriel whose everyone should know is, just put his guardian in someone isn't enough,you need to get stacks(soul eater)as many you can for a true healing and alternate for who is more low, whose can be really hard depends how other team play and interact with each other.

    For mekko, depends much in his ability and HIS ORBS,for a 1v1 just a orb on his onslaught worth,in your safe zone is useless in any situation(was be a
    different history if were 10% of DR),in his life line just when someone is under attack or low.
    As a mekko,you need gain orbs constantly and careful in where you gonna put your safezone in a place whose you will stand for a fight,and of course defend your support and the time you gonna use your onslaught for put away enemies or segure a point.