Ranked & Deathmatch - Making the most of Custom queue

  • So, I've been making the rounds on Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc, with this idea that when it comes to competitive players queuing with the more casual types, we've all had the frustration. Be it that the casuals are making it hard to win games or the tryhards are getting a tad too toxic. My solution is that if we all come together, we don't need to wait for the devs to give us a ranked queue. With customs we can make our own. Not just for ranked but for other types of matches.

    Now I am well aware this solution doesn't really provide that feeling of progression we all desire but at least we can make casual potentially a little less toxic and enable serious players to match up with other serious players which I feel would make a huge difference to the general feel of the game. Besides, custom queue is a great addition to the game that I feel we, as a community, have really underutilized.

    Here's what I wanna suggest we start making habit with custom queues:

    Ranked queue
    Code: ranked
    When: All day every day

    Deathmatch queue aka D-Day
    Code: Deathmatch
    When: Saturdays
    NOTE: Totally ignore objectives, just teamfights galore!

    Why just Saturdays? A couple of reasons why I am suggesting we do it as a once a week thing.

    ☝️ I personally reckon that just playing to kill could get old pretty quickly.
    ✌️ This would shorten the window for more people to take advantage of it.

    That is all. I really hope we can come together and make this work. I truly think it'll work out very well if we do.
    Later days!

    Going to tackle the ranked idea slowly so I shall start hosting ranked queues on Fridays and once that's rolling well and consistently, I will extend it to whole weekends and then hopefully we can eventually have it going all day everyday until the devs take notice and finally give us the ranked we want

  • I'm hosting deathmatch queues today! Spread the word! For more information, type !deathmatch in my Twitch chat here: https://www.twitch.tv/b4nj4x/chat

  • @b4njAx Solid idea. My only thoughts on this are to have these "open" custom queues be a weekly thing. Your idea of having deathmatch on Saturdays is great but I just don't think enough people will queue for "ranked" all the time to keep it active. Instead just keep it weekly. Every Saturday could be a different queue. Deathmatch, ranked, ranked teams. Keep those on a cycle and theroize around a few more ideas that could be fun to play with.

  • @thetruepilliger Actually I completely agree. Hence why I started a poll on the subreddit to figure out what day seems to suit people best for a weekly ranked queue. So far Friday is winning out. That said I do hope that the idea gains enough traction among the whole playerbase to the point where we can gradually go from once a week to a whole weekend and eventually, maybe, it'll become just a standard daily thing. I genuinely believe this could/will happen over time as more people become aware of it, including players who left the game due to lack of any kind of ranked queue. I feel there's major value in this kind of solution to ranked since it should allow casuals play for fun without the competitive toxicity that typically occurs due to competitive types who currently have no place to go to experience a higher tier of Bleeding Edge competition.

    Personally I rather keep Deathmatch as an every Saturday thing. I appreciate the idea of cycling through deathmatch, ranked, etc and think it's worth consideration but, at least for now, I feel it's best for consistency sake to keep deathmatch as a weekly Saturday specific thing so no one has to keep track of which type of queue is on any given week.

    Regardless I probably should edit this original post to include the updated approach. What do you think?

    P.S. Seriously though, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to see some positive reactions to my attempts to help the game grow a bit. Legit can't wait for this coming D-Day. There's been plenty of interest drumming up since my first attempt at it.

  • @b4njAx I think you've got this handled. Taking initiative to bring the community together through Custom Queues, using social media to gather input, advertising the event. Honestly keep doing what you're doing.

    That being said I came up with a goofy idea for an "Oddball" game type. This would only be playable in Power Collection. Each team would gather cells but COULD NOT TURN IN until they have enough to win and they would have to turn in them all at once from a single player. This would mean that a single player would have to gather, be given, or steal nearly 50 cells before they could turn in. This would reward the team that frags more because they would be able to turn in earlier considering that every kill is one point. Every kill lowers the amount of cells you need to turn in, basically.

    This would also reward teams who spread out their cells before turning in. By this I mean if you have one individual carrying all of your team's cells and they die, you lose everything. If you instead "share the load" until you have enough you will lose closer to one quarter of what your team is carrying when someone is picked off.

    Obviously this isn't a perfect idea and without structure people could easily ignore these rules and ruin the match for everyone else. I'd like to think people won't be shitty, but well, ya know.

    As I said at the start of this post you are going about this EXACTLY as you should. After D-Day this Saturday you can use that experience to evolve, adjust the format of how this is structured in an attempt to make the next one and other events even better. We are entering some uncharted territory here so people should be open to experimentation.

    It might be a good idea to remind people of how Custom Queues work: ping isn't accounted for, win rate isn't accounted for, player level isn't accounted for. People should be prepared for unbalanced teams. Maybe not as unbalanced as what solo queue can provide but these matches won't balance themselves. Should also probably set a rule that people can't 4 stack. That might be something to consider for next week and let this one be a mad house to try to better understand methods to improve the system.

  • @thetruepilliger First of all, thanks again for the encouragement! Secondly, I like the thinking behind oddball but I already see flaws in it. Still though, a really fun concept to build on! Thirdly, I already added to rules for D-Day for no stacking, like at all. Not even duos.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thetruepilliger - If the devs ever do more game modes I think oddball would be a cool map modifier. Hard to do voluntarily in custom queues, but easy enough to code. Seems like a super fun idea.

    @b4njAx - You're the hero we deserve.