Parry could be more visible

  • Parry in game is basically impossible to predict and would l say kinda lucky for you avoid a enemy parry.

    The animation (whose is instantly happen) Could be visible for few seconds like 0'4, with that will create one more way(instead just with power armor wich unpredictable [lucky,] happened) for avoid parry.

    Like now use a evade in exactly time the enemy will block your attack and start another combo,create a careful when use it, with combat be more Dynamic(mainly in high level).

  • @XxUnReached Parrying wouldn't be useful if you could predict it. However it is easy to make timing a parry more difficult. Just stagger your combo, mix in an evade or ability to string combo chains together. It's amazing how useful it is to just slow down your combo, allow for pauses between hits, those few milliseconds make all the difference

  • @b4nj4x7581l known about ability mixing,and l should practice more btw

    But l just saying parry be a little more easyer like you really can see for a really short of time enemy parry

    Evade is limited.

    And Not every fighter has power armor ability.

    Just make parry visible less than one second is what l would could be good.