I partly agree with you.

  • I partly agree with you.
    Mukutu is too strong, invincible. In particular, airborne attacks do not allow counterattacks from opponents. The damage to the wall is too strong. He's a tanker, but he's like a dealer.
    Daemon isn't really that strong. In case of a surprise attack in a 1:1 situation, most of them win, but it is not easy to create such a situation.
    I think the biggest problem is Mekko. He's a tanker, but he dies easily, and his offense is weak. Manipulation is also difficult. He needs a buff.

  • Mekko dies easily if you doesn't use his orbs for you and for your team correctly,but true is he can't hold effective

    Change his bonus SZ for more 10% of DR instead reduce enemy incoming healing will be more useful and a good choice for you and teammate's

    With Reduce his onslaught coodown by 1 s will make mekko a more valuable choice than now.

    He doesn't need damage,he just need a better SZ bonus and a better way for hold better a point like l said about onslaught.

  • What if Safe Zone made team members immune to launchers? When I play Mekko I feel like my worst enemy is Makutu who can just run up to me, launch me and then the entire team pummels me to death. This would also indirectly nerf Makutu a bit without touching his values and reinforce Mekko's role as a defensive, protective tank.

  • @Maryokuta makutu for some reason is the only one how completely countered a character (mekko)

    That why need a nerf on his Attraction and mainly don't make he able to uppercut a TANK.

  • @XxUnReached Makutu can counter any character in the game. 🙂

  • @WARRIORDANTE117 mekko is the main one how suffers more,unless others have evade or tanks than make them able to run or have a chance because of their abilitys to fight with

    Mekko doesn't have any chance,and besides he need a better SZ bonus orb like increase DR with a onslaught a little more faster for can be more efficient as a tank.