QoL Changes From An Ex-Caster

  • I have been playing for a little while but I am honestly hooked on this game which made me jump to the forum. As an ex-caster at an amateur level I can see so much potential in this game becoming an amazing game to make community tournaments in (that I even consider covering) and here's a few suggestions that would definitely be appreciated by me and hopefully others:

    Add a UI slider, some of the elements of the UI are too small like the Fighter Portaits and what Super they went with. It would give a bit more clarity if it was a bit larger

    Make sure you can see your Fighter's level at selection. It's not that important but would be heavily appreciated

    The spectator mode is really well functional atm, but I would love if a button could be mapped to have a "rotating stats board" containing all players Damage Taken and Given in a top 8 fashion together with Objective Time/Cells Delivered, Healing and Kills/Deaths ratio which would be changed by tapping the assigned button during spectating starting from having it minimized. This is to improve casters ability to cover the tide of battles

    Make an option to always have ally health and name when you are spectating someone both in games and in spectator mode. It's weird that they just disappear on the one you are following

    With Custom Matches, add Lobby roles like Team 1, Team 2 and have some slots for spectators to help out people trying out coaching in the future

    I know that this ain't something directly related to QoL improvements in game, but it is QoL improvements based around the actual game. Sometimes changes not affecting the game itself but the navigation and information sources can really come a long way. I'm a big fan of Bleeding Edge and will continue to play this for hours on end. -WuffieGG

  • @WuffieGG Spectation health bar - really luck it