New content is cool but can we get balance and bug fixes?

  • The game lacks content, there is no doubt about it but what it truly lacks is balancing, the game's meta revolves around exploits and abusing broken shit over and over again. It's boring.

    I don't want to play objective control and see Mekko's bitch ass everytime, I don't want to play collection and see Buttercup's twerking ass everytime. You guys seriously need to balance this game.

    It does not make sense that Buttercup a tank with 1100hp can outrun a Cass where her whole kit revolves around mobility because of how squishy she is, Buttercup is a tank, she is hard to catch, she deals a lot of damage and the fact that her ultimate burnout got shorter cooldown than turbo charge and does twice as much is absurd. Buttercup's kit is overloaded, her jump + yank gives her extended range on yank, her jump + oil slick gives her and her allies movement speed boost, she can keep charging people over and over again at the cost of no stamina, even with that oil slick nerf she is still a dominant pick.

    The time to kill someone in this game already is too long and with the addition of Mekko it's even worse now, the objective control meta basically relies and plays around Mekko, the fact that he got a puddle that gives him and his teammates 50 PERCENT damage resistance is just bullshit. Combine the 50% of Mekko and the 50% of Zerocool's damage resistance ultimate and you are basically unkillable, literally unkillable and if that's not broken idk what is. The damage resistance that is given to the teammates should be 10 to 15% max while Mekko gets the 50%.

    Nidhogger does not make any sense to me, he does the most damage out of all DPS in this game, his health is close to of that of a tank, he got three evades and on top of that an ability that acts as an evade and burns, his shredder is bullshit, he is melee yet you guys gave him an ability that acts like a ranged character, it deals a lot of damage and can hit through walls.

    Cass, Cass's mobility is bullshit, with swoop+basic attack and the right modifications she can basically cover half of Jersey Sink with one swoop, a good Cass is unkillable unless you have a good Buttercup with movement speed mods.

    In general the mobility in this game is just too much also people jumping and getting hit mid-air, falling and getting a free evade should be patched, it rewards stupidity. Also evade should not have invincibility frames, it should be a mobility option, the fact that you can go through abilities and deny their damage with evade is stupid, here is an example: you attempt to barge an opponent as Makutu, the opponent evades forward and goes through the barge because invincibility frames. You repellent as Makutu, opponent evades, gets hit by the radius of Repellent, gets a boost on top of the evade but does not get damaged, these are just two examples, I am very sure there are more incident of this nonsense happening to other characters.

    Now mount cancelling, emote cancelling and ult cancelling.

    Mount cancelling should be patched, it allows tanks to attack extremely fast and for balance's sake it must be fixed but because the balance is all over the place now, sometimes it does not feel that effective especially against Mekko comps, the fact that you abuse a broken mechanic and hit someone for like 30 times that's in Mekko's puddle and end up with 300 damage dealt just shows you how fked up that puddle damage resistance really is.

    Emote cancelling, I do not mind emote cancelling, I actually like it and I think it should stay, it does not break the game, it does not give any unfair advantage to any characters, you can evade, you can parry and it adds some "mind game" to 1v1s at least.

    Now ult cancelling I think is specifically for one character and that's Miko. Miko can attack, ult cancel, attack rinse and repeat, it's basically mount cancelling but even faster and easier, strictly for Miko and does not only work for her basic attacks but also work for her air attacks which allows her to fly very high in the air, it's extremely broken and needs to be addressed. Also with awful lag sometimes I have noticed that because of how fast you are attacking someone whether it's with Mount cancelling or Ult cancelling, it does not register the animations and it looks wonky and all over the place.

    I really love this game, I want it to succeed and it's one of the most fun games I have ever played ever, I want the best for the game so, please balance it out, fix the bugs/exploits, give us the most fair competitive experience. Content is great but it should not be the number one focus when the game is extremely broken in my opinion.

    If anyone got any complaints about the game whether it's balancing or anything that I missed which I am very sure I did, please post it, let the devs know and hopefully we will get the Bleeding Edge that we deserve. I am very sure there are more issues that needs to be addressed.

  • @Rashid7103 gameplay level is so low that I never see these things being used practically in most of my games. Granted I'm a dreaded soloQ whore. I think I'm the only one really emote cancelling in 90% of my games and almost never see anyone mount cancelling. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be patched but eh.

    One def see the Mekko problem, shit, I am the Mekko problem even in soloQ hel it's dumb effective and unless I'm with complete slobs it can make even bad players seem great. Def see you on the Cass, BC stuff. I remember people thought Daemon invisible mod was a problem for power collection but imo compared to them? His shit is cute.

    I think they know Nid is dumb. How can they not? I didn't really know about shredder until recently though. Never played Nid.
    Guess I was too busy sitting on my puddle and emote cancelling the shit out of Daemon to notice. (Daemon is almost too fair)

    I really want to see the Miko stuff now. Let me youtube it before it gets patched lol