Cass swoop distance exploit

  • So I just got done playing a game with a level 30 skinned Cass by the gamertag of Karthanaga, and I swear to God I thought they were cheating. The Cass jumped and swooped from the side of hydro map with the single damage power up, you know the 2nd level where the health spawn is, all the way to the first bridge with the flame button.

    I reported them for cheating, but decided to try to do it myself.
    Turns out if you swoop then basic attack immediately after, you gain crazy momentum, and if you have the 30% swoop distance mod combined with 2 swoops, you can fly across the map no problem.

    I find this HIGHLY exploitative, for Cass imo is already really over powered. Now players are able to escape any situation. I can already see Casses collecting cells and super jumping across the map when being hunted down for them.

    It's an exploit that needs to be fixed immediately before too many people start doing it. I know that by posting this, I'm actually spreading it, but idk how else to bring this to Devs' attention.

  • @ViciousCJB It's called technique. Anyone can do it. It's super useful and plays into her mobility perfectly. It's what she's meant to be good for. That's why she can run faster than people on boards, that's why she can jump so high. It's not game-breaking, it's not difficult, it's not's just useful and something any Cass main can and should take advantage of if they want to play Cass to her full potential.

    Also it's not new either. Joreyo covered this technique over a month ago:

  • @MisfitBanjax No it's an exploit that needs to be nerfed. Just because you can do, doesn't mean you should be able to. Her swoop doesn't have a long countdown either. Literally nobody would be able to catch her, and that's game breaking. Show me a character that can stop her in her tracks doing this move, and then it can be considered "technique"

  • @ViciousCJB Buttercup, Maeve, Zerocool maybe Miko. Another Cass or EB can still chase her and so can Buttercup with the right mod. That said, it doesn't matter if you can catch her because typically chasing kills is a bad fucking idea since there's always an objective to worry about and that's been one of the most frustrating thing about playing with new players who absentmindedly abandon the objective and split from their team just to try chase down a single kill. Seriously, if you have ever chased down a kill only to fail to secure said kill, while the enemy team back-caps and/or kills your one or more of your teammates in the process... then frankly, you're an idiot. Chasers are one of the biggest reasons teams lose matches. If you make someone run away, then you've won the team fight, you don't need the kills, just need enough space to cap the objective.

  • @MisfitBanjax None of those characters you mentioned can catch Cass doing this move. Bcups yank is not fast enough, Maeve's cage range is too short, zero's wall is not high enough, EBs launch move would be dodged, Miko's freeze range is too short, but another Cass is the only one that could Chase.

    You're giving the skills too much credit, but there are limitations to them.

    As for chasing a kill, that's one of the most important things you can do. Especially if you're 550 points on capture, or if you're 45 points on cells. Don't forget kills give you points, and chasing down that Cass or daemon with 20+ cells is game winning.

    What will give the team an unfair advantage on cells specifically is this Cass move. How can you Chase her down when she flys across the map and nobody is Cass??

  • @ViciousCJB I understand there are limitations, I'm just saying that all those skill could catch a Cass doing the tech. It's of course heavily dependent on positioning, timing and the ability to predict the Cass' actions but it can be done, I've seen it, I've done it and it does happen, which is the point I'm making against your claim that "literally nobody will be able to catch her" because in fact they can. It's just difficult and requires a certain level of skill or luck. Just because it's a reliable escape doesn't mean it's foolproof.

    As for chasing kills, I still have to disagree. In the time it takes a chaser to secure a kill, more often than not, in Objective Control, the point the chaser wasn't defending gets taken, possibly at the expense of a couple of teammates and get enough ticks to be worth at least one kill, congrats, the enemy got 30 points while you tried to get 10. On Power Collection, similar story, you could be securing 1 point from a chase in the time it takes for the enemy to deliver cells away from you, possibly after killing your teammates so it's even less worth it.

    In response to the Cass on Power Collection, your team should be defending the drop zones anyway. Cass will go whatever route she has to to get out of harms way and possibly to a drop zone, meanwhile, if you're not chasing, you can take the quickest route to the drop zone. Even if you can't, let's say Cass' team are successfully peeling ye, a Maeve with Peek A Brew can instantly disrupt a Cass's delivery from almost anywhere on the map and likely melt her anyways.