Proper tutorials

  • It is apparent to me that new players are suffering from a lack of proper training. Knowing how to play the objective now versus right after completing that joke of a tutorial that we have is such a huge gap in knowledge, it's ridiculous.

    Like the tutorial just tells you how to stand on A, B, and C and that the healer should be killed first, but that's it. They don't go into detail about things like:

    More captured objectives means more points earned

    The number of cells people have are labeled next to their health bar

    An incomplete capture means no points are gained (I think)

    Preventing enemy team from delivering cells or capturing objectives is just as important as collecting cells/capturing

    Game mechanics like soft and hard hitstuns (overpowering one player)

    Inaccurate skill descriptions like zero cool's heal beam ineffectiveness through solid objects

    Combining ultimates

    Countdowns for things like status effects or skills (should be added)

    More noticable indicators that your teammate is about to die or enemy in the objective area (should be added)

    Actual numbered stats on things like amount of health healed with Mekko's orb surge (200) or how many seconds stuns last (should be added)

    The list goes on and on, but none of this stuff is covered. It is expected of us to figure it out for ourselves in DOJO, but I'm willing to bet new players barely even bother with that.

    I had to find out that Daemon's Death Mark Ult cancels out sleep and stealth skill. That seems pretty important to describe!

    I had to realize that attacking in the air launches them away from you from videos.

    I found out some characters have super armor skills like Maeve's life steal or Mekko's Surge.

    All this and more is never explained, and for new players, this knowledge can really change the tide of battle for them.

    I suggest implementing a far more advanced tutorial explaining all these MAJOR details.

  • I think the problem is that the tutorials are optional. I reckon most of the people who play really bad just simply didn't bother with the tutorial in the first place. The tutorial as is tells you a lot and yeah, it doesn't spell everything out for you because of those points you made, that all either common sense or easy to figure out. Frankly there's a lot of morons out there but we shouldn't have to cater to them and dumb stuff down. We should expect them to adapt for their own good. That said, maybe there could be improvement made on translated material to be more clear. Just the other day someone rocking the game in Chinese got really confused about how the Share The Love mod actually worked because the Chinese description apparently mentions damage.

    Besides anyone who actually cares about the game enough to bother learning about all those things, they have youtubers making videos full of said information such as Arekks, alexcode & therealjoreyo.

  • @MisfitBanjax it's not about catering to anybody though, I'm suggesting the devs put work into keeping everybody on the same level as far as basic game knowledge goes. Skill level is a whole other thing.

  • @ViciousCJB The devs have enough on their plate trying to fix more important things while providing more content to keep the game fresh. This is just more work that really isn't needed. Like seriously, even if they do make more advanced tutorials (and don't get me wrong, if they do, they are most welcome additions to the game), you're still gonna see a lot of people ignore them and just play without a thought. Even if they do play through the tutorial, there's no guarantee they'll play any better. Sure it would be nice for new players to be better informed but that's on them. Some things you just gotta learn by playing the game. If a player cares about improving, they will figure it out. If they don't care, an optional tutorial isn't gonna do much good.

    That said, that's all just my opinion really but I do legitimately think that from a game development point of view, it's a waste of least for now.

  • @MisfitBanjax I think you're making too many assumptions about the thought process of players. Idk why you believe that people will act exactly how you think they will act. If one wants to improve, a better tutorial is not a waste of time.

    I think you're forgetting that players will stop playing a game they believe it is broken, and they will think that way if they continue to get smashed by veteran players.

    A tutorial puts them on even ground. You don't seem to be understanding that point, and you keep bringing up how the developers feel. That's not relevant. Keeping a game fresh with new things like cosmetics is good, but it doesn't mean shit if you look good dying all the time.