This game going worst

  • Fix your game don’t lose mor players!
    Why I have nooop players with me in my team against other team all of them lv30 only me lv30 and the noops are new player in same team!

    Why I kill person twice and he returned alive?

    Why when I attack someone and return to the objective I can’t but the capsules?
    You must kick the new players away from us cuz we are lv30 and they are new noops they don’t fight with us only hanging out in this map!

    I still losing every match!

    Fix this problem before your noop updates cuz it’s not important than this problems!

    خرا عليكم!


  • You have new players because there's been a lot of new players coming in trying out the game since the daily quest update and the recent Steam sale price probably helps too. Also matchmaking is a problem that's been obvious to literally everyone practically from the beginning but that's a complicated problem for a anyone in game development let alone a small team from a developer that hasn't done many multiplayer titles. It's clear from one of the dev streams over a month ago that it's a top priority as well as making improvements for optimization and fixing bugs. Despite this they still give us significant additions to the game to keep us happy every month.

    As for killing people twice, that's a notorious glitch. One of the bugs the devs are well aware of.

    As for cell delivery, I have no idea why it wouldn't work unless you're trying to deliver them prematurely while the drop zone is still red.
    Also, just because you're level 30 doesn't mean you're more skilled btw. I bet you make as many mistakes as everyone else does. At least new players have a reason, that being learning the game. We should be trying to teach them. Asking to kick them away is not very welcoming to new players which in turn is counterproductive for the game. We need a bigger playerbase and as it grows we need to understand that how we treat new players really matters.

    If you're losing every match then I'm sorry you're experiencing such rotten luck. Just try give advice, not criticisms and hopefully, the new players might learn something and ye can manage to play as a team well enough to get a win every now and then. I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

    Be patient, there are plenty of very real limitations in play here, the important stuff will take time so cut them some slack.

    اتمنى لك يوم جيد


  • @MisfitBanjax

    Hey Misfit,

    about cell delivery when the other team attack us and we kill them after that we return to the drop zone we cant deliver it we must go not far from the zone and return to deliver the cell almost every cell collecting match.

    about the new players, I meant that why the new players play with other players high levels!?
    they must be other way to keep them play together new players vs new players!
    not new 3 players and 1 player like me or you against other team who played for more than 2 month!, that the reason why I'm losing every match i cant handle it by my self!.
    so my experience not useful with my new players team!

    and Finlay that the reason I stay playing this game in XBOX because i have many game consoles but when I try this game I rely like it.

    I hope the team see this problem and fix it.


  • @llFranxll

    Heya Franx,

    I really don't understand what's happening to ye about the deliveries and I'm sorry for your struggles.

    About new players with high level players, like I said, it's because of the matchmaking being bad. It just fills games seemingly regardless of what levels there are.
    Only thing that can be done by us, the players, is try inform the new players how to work together effectively via chat or pings, hope they listen and improve or maybe all high level players avoid playing in 4-stacks. Aside from that, we can only wait for the devs to figure out a proper matchmaking fix.

    Finally, yeah I really like this game too 🙂

    I assure you the team is aware of the problem. You're not alone. And the community hasn't exactly been very quiet about it 😆

    Best of luck with your games, friend.

    Later days!

  • Hi all. That problem is, the Matchmaking himself. I play with every class (not the best player, but i know, how to play) and in 99% of games i take idiots in my team, and the enemys team get a realy, REALY good players, with teamplay and all that stoff. I do not have a problem to play with people, who can not play in my team, but not in that time, where the other team is a f..kng pro gamers. Do some matchmaking with skill searching or some thing, i dont know. Give me idiots in my team, ok, but i WANT idiots in other team, to have some chance to win or lose. I dont want to see 600 to 20 (points), or that canister 50 to 1... Give me some teamplay, give me matchmaking. And more maps, more gamemods, more Charakters... 3 Healers? Realy? 2 gamemods? You want more players? Is no problem. Do some thing on matchmaking and give us some content. People leave that game, cause you have nothing to give us. That game looks and plays amazin, no questions, but... No content = RIP

  • @Saint-CoBeTHuK You have to bare in mind that with the limited playerbase, filling a game against really good players in a 4-stack trying to practice top tier teamwork, is practically impossible to do in a balanced way anyways. You want matchmaking to get better? Then keep playing, try help the new players get better, stack up with friends who communicate, ping/listen to pings and stop complaining about "no content". There's plenty there and the devs have successfully added more and more every month since the game launched only 4 months ago... during a pandemic. Even now they are teasing what's potentially an update with a Makutu rework, new map, new character, new gamemode, leaderboards plus hopefully some bug fixes. And that's after they have since released a great new map, Mekko, 72 new skins, daily quests, etc. And again, that's within the span of only 4 months. And you have the fucking nerve to say "give us some content" as if they've done nothing.

    Grow up, learn something about how actual game development works and play the game based on what's there as opposed to what's not because right now you sound like a clueless spoiled brat. I don't mean to sound so harsh but I am losing my patience with people who say shit like "no content" "give us this!" Give us that!" as if the devs will magically make it happen over the weekend. This gem of a game is fucking wasted on people like you.

  • @MisfitBanjax fcourse i have a fucking nerve say it, cause Devs can not bting out a game out with out some content an say "we got no time 4 bring more"... Tafuck? Finish game and that bring it out. In year 2020 that is nothing. Bring a game out with 10 Chars, 2 gamemodes and 5 Maps is ok you think? 5000 gold for a skin (recolor) on start by 50 gold after game end taking? How long do you want to play to buy it? A life long? Thx 4 dayly challenges, 600 gold is fcourse a gift in that game. It is a lot to do for that game and i know that, but that is a joke, to release a game with so few content, sorry

  • @Saint-CoBeTHuK I won't deny the game shouldn't have been fully launched. Instead it totally should have been an open beta on early access or something. But yeah, I do think 11 fighters, 2 gamemodes and 5 maps is ok. The game is fun as hell and looks great. I can't speak for everyone but I love how straightforward and familiar the gamemodes are, I love the necessity of teamwork and I really love that the game expects you to earn everything. No micro-transactions, just a grind that'll result in you becoming a better player. I proudly play this game everyday because it hits all the right notes with me. It's different, it fun, it's challenging and has huge potential. And as each update comes out, like I previously mentioned, the game only gets better and I love it even more. Now I will agree that 5000 credits for a palette-swap skin is a bit bullshit but fuck it, that's totally optional, there's now plenty of better skins to aim for. And to answer your question about how long I want to play it...well naturally, like any game I pay for, I want to play it as much as possible to get my money worth. I have rent to pay so if I pay for a new game, I would hope it's something I can get my money's worth out of and so far, this game has become one of my favourites of all time.

    And stop with the "This is 2020" bullshit. Just because Blizzard gave so much with Overwatch, and I know that's the fucking game you're comparing this to, doesn't mean that it should set the standard for all other games. Do you have any idea how unrealistic that is?!

  • @MisfitBanjax What do you say about new gamemode and new char? Where can i see that? Overwatch is a bullshit game, but many people play it, because of content. I do not say that Bleeding are bullshit, no way, i love that game, but it is not understandable for me, why is that game yet out? Why is it not in a beta? In such a game MUST be a minimum 5 gamemodes and minimum 20 fighters. Look at dota, smite, paladins, paragon, overwatch... Huge content and people play it. Bleeding Edge is amazing, but that game needs much more of content. Steam version of that game play under 40 people per day... I dont know, how many play it over the xbox or win10 store... One week of play is enogh for people to see, what that for a game is

  • @Saint-CoBeTHuK

    This game going worst!
    Now I lose 5 match because my team are new player against pro team players!

    You see that is a problem they must keep the new players
    away from us don’t mix the new with the pro players!

    They must make servers to new players it’s will be good!

    Its not useless for me to play a losing match !

  • Holy fuck... Ninja Theory, THANK YOU VERY MUCH 4 THAT INCREDIBLE MATCHMAKING. I got a quest, WIN 2 MATCHES... And what do you think? I play 6 matches, and 6 matches in a row i lose, cause of my stupid fuckinig team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN. Just stop supporting that game, do nothing more, just delete and forget. Fucking bullshit random fuck. Matchmaking - like shit

  • This game officially going Shit with the new players seriously they must fix this shit Immediately

    I play this game with unhelpful players they don’t know anything why I playe a match teach them do this and don’t do that!!!!

    Why I play against pro players why only me with new stupid new players!

    Any response from the sleeping Dev?

    They didn’t fix the glitch when I kill someone and he return alive again and again!

    They didn’t fix the problem with pro and new players!

    Thank you Dev you mak a hard work with your new shity update!