Was that really neccesary?

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    So I saw this patch note. I might be a little late for that, but I beg you to think for a second. Was that really necessary? What problem did this mechanic cause? A mechanic wouldn't be removed if it didn't cause a problem right?

    I believe this mechanic added a little more depth to tanks combat, it added outplay potential, that move could open tanks to more mobility options, but at the same time would open them for an air attack knockdown by another tank, it required timing and even had its counters.

    Now I want to hear, with a mechanic that rewards timing and is able to be punished by a predicting opponent, what problem did it cause for such a mechanic to be completely removed from the game? It was probably a very big problem if it caused such an interesting mechanic to be completely removed!

    Thank you for reading.

  • @Kirusan781 I don't think it was as much of a problem as it was merely unintended to work that way. Devs have every right to take it out if it's legit something they never intended. That's all there is to it. I agree it could have been useful to take advantage of it and that it wasn't doing any real harm but I really don't think those were relevant to the devs.

  • @MisfitBanjax Well I have nothing to say about that, you are right. But I'd like to think that the devs intentions are to make the game the best it can be 😄

  • @Kirusan781 Well 3 things I can confidently say about the devs are that...

    1. They are passionate as hell
    2. They listen to the community and try to accommodate our feedback
    3. They take time

  • @MisfitBanjax That is always a good thing xd But I really hope they arent fast on the trigger to remove mechanics because that can kill a game. And this mechanic removing case is a bad start.