Abuse of the report function by user Minosaur4307, toxicity problems, penalty system problems

  • English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for the mistakes and incorrect verbal constructions.

    In this long post, I want to draw the attention of the developers of Bleeding Edge, the community, and maybe the moderators of Xbox Live to a new level of toxicity and wrecking that appeared in the game. We all know about leavers and traitors that do not participate in the battle, standing in the far corners of the map, which spoils the game experience in every second or third battle. It doesn’t matter if your team has these people or your opponents.
    The problem is that the game does not have punishment mechanisms for such persons, which is why the main goal of the gameplay now is to harm its team. Because it’s easier than fighting opponents and it’s completely unpunished. It may be revenge for losing in the previous match with completely different partners, or their way to have fun.

    The automatic system for punishing leavers DOES NOT WORK. I left maybe 10 matches from my 700+ games and did not have a single penalty. Precisely because automatic punishment does not work, it allows players to leave every match without consequences. But as it turned out, this system unexpectedly works great for such people as traitors and leavers.

    Yesterday, I probably left the 11th match of all time, because it was totally hopeless against a high-level party, and I was tired, and finally saw a penalty for leaving. I thought, maybe the user should exit a certain number of times for it to start working.
    But then I received a message from the user Minosaur4307, who stated in an embittered manner that he personally banned me. And as it turned out later, he also contributed to the loss of the match.


    How it was.
    (many boring details)

    From the very beginning of the match, I realized that he would be losing. I checked the profiles and saw that the opposing team consists of players: 37, 50, 74 and 79 lvls. While ours: 26, 30, 46 and 52 lvls. Opponents had good statistics and a high percentage of victories, which could not be said about ours. There was a very small chance that they would not be coordinated, and we would.
    At that moment I was trying to raise my rating of victories, and the understanding that this was an initially losing match (next in a row), after which statistics would fall again, made me want to leave immediately and close the game for today. But I stayed, hoping that our 52 lvl guy would be able to do something. But everything turned out exactly the opposite.

    The enemy team was a party of 3 high-level people. The three of us tried to work together, but were still too uncoordinated. Party quickly focused us. After the score was 0-35, one of the players came out without explanation. On score 0-40, I honestly informed the remaining teammates that we have a high-level party and the game does not make sense. I did not want to be a beating doll and left the match being second.
    At first, I agreed with the penalty, so I thought that it was an automatic penalty from the game system, which finally worked correctly. But not when a strange guy wrote in a chat that he blocked me personally out of hatred.


    About ass bombing.

    I am also enraged by the leavers, but those who leave potentially winning matches. Believing that the dude is nevertheless adequate and writes on emotions, I expandedly explained to him my position once again without insults, although I was angry with his behavior, inability to read the game chat and understand the game situation. The answer was a mocking triumph that he had done something disgusting to someone.

    alt text

    But, as it turned out, it was an ordinary toxic traitor when I saw the replay. Not only was the team uncoordinated, he avoided the fight, rolled behind the team when he could help, stayed away, stood near the spawn room, stood inside the spawn room with more than half his health, while others tried to prevent the enemy, rolled near the power ups did not take them, entered the battle only three times, not trying to attack someone together.

    He was the elder 52 level compared to us, but, having more gaming experience in fact, he did not use chat to try to coordinate us, to say what we needed to do, did not use commands wheel, didn't use voice speaker. But as an exemplary high-level, he began to ban low-level players and write insults in their personal messages.

    Video from his cam

    youtube link

    And what is more fun, he is a leaver himself.

    alt text

    At this point, I have a question for the developers: why does the penalty system not work automatically for real malicious leavers? Why does some toxic person, traitor and leaver use it to vent gloating on ordinary players?
    I am ready to accept the penalty and responsibility for every exit from the match if the game system does it, but not at the whim of some offended hater.


    So, I ask the Bleeding Edge moderators to check this user for abuse of the report function. And apply the appropriate punishment to him for specifically my case and all the others, if he does the same with other decent players.
    Add: profile link

    If this is some kind of moderator of the Xbox Live service (why does he say that he personally issued a penalty?), which uses the admin resource for taking out anger on users -- send this info to Xbox Live service heads and bring him to disciplinary action.

    If this is a game moderator for the Theory Ninja, well... you know, he just ruined your reputation.

    Nevertheless, whoever this poisonous booby was, his unpunished behavior spoil the impression of the game. I play almost from release and there are more and more such people. Now it’s harder to enjoy the gameplay when your ass burns like Falcon Heavy nozzles from unscrupulous players.


    What I see a way out.

    The in-game penalty system should work correctly and automatically for all leavers. It should GENERALLY work.
    Add: for players who comes out on his own and clicks “ok” under a warning about a penalty.

    The game needs a system to track traitors who are inactive. There is such an option in the report menu, but it is available until the player leaves the game. I can’t send a report after watching the replay, when I saw exactly how the player behaved the whole match. It is impossible to see everyone during the battle, especially when he is holding on to the back of the team. And the hasty report from the battle, when you saw, maybe, only one situation, can be false.

    Penalty fights with other leavers should work too. Because I was connected to the same high-level party of three people that was in the last battle against us! And none of them came out of matches in the last few games. And joined not to replace another player, but from the very beginning.
    I also saw user with six exits in a row, and he connected to my team. And of course he came out two minutes after the start.

    Matchmaking should connect the party to the party. The party with the voices speak tears apart the random ones in 2 sec. Especially when it is poorly organized randoms. It makes no sense to play against them and be a whipping doll. And I guess even for party players it's pretty boring.
    In other online games where 15 to 15 players, if one side has two parties of 3 people each, the other side has two parties of 3 people, too. You will never see there 4 parties on one side and full random on the other.

    Let it be 2 party guys and 2 randoms vs 2 party guys and 2 randoms. Or 3 party guys and 1 random vs 3 party guys and 1 random. But not 3 party guys and 1 random vs full random.

    Matchmaking by same levels. It shouldn't be that one team has 10-50 lvls, when the other 30-100 lvls. Let it be 40, 2, 12, 18 vs 45, 3, 8, 15. Periodically I see this ratio, but often the difference is big.
    Once I had a wonderful case with a team full of first levels, dudes went into their first match. This was 40,1,1,1 against 12-30. Magnificently!
    The first levels are not set to win, they just learn the game and just run forward to fight. I am not against this, but I think that for them there should be their own low-level "sandbox". Because older players begin to insult them.


    I really hope that the developers of the Ninja Theory will take note of the information and the game will become more comfortable and kinder.

    To the players who have read to the end, I wish to be kinder, be responsible for the low-levels, help them, use chat and voice to teach them the game, and not just for insults. Don't be like this Minosaur4307. If you are the higher level in the team, it means you have more game experience, use communication to organize teammates, to say: you do this, you do that, we need that character.

    Once I had a newcomer to the team, this was his second fight. There was an experienced team against us. I wrote just one line in the chat and this guy did everything right. And we won.


  • @Commander-Brand Very well put together post. And I wholeheartedly agree with your finishing statements about helping new players.

    I do want to bring one little detail to everything though that could be relevant when it comes to improving the report system or punishing leavers automatically. Not all leavers do it on purpose. Often it's actually lagging out is the culprit and I feel that makes it difficult to commit to automatic penalty for all leavers. I just want to say that I think penalties should be dished out but also be apologetic to players in the event that they simply lagged out.

    I never ever leave or quit matches. Only ever got a "quit" in my match history due to lagging out, took my net down for the rest of the night with it and what was worse is that it happened at a very pivotal and tense point during the endgame of the match. There was enough cells going around for either team to win with the next delivery phase and it was brutal.

    To be specific, it was power collection on Boneyard, I was Miko (name MisfitBanjax) and I was queuing with my friend Angels_Legacy. If any of my teammates from that match see this, I want ye to know I am sorry it happened, WE WERE SO CLOSE.

  • @MisfitBanjax Thanks for reply! I mean, the cases when a player comes out on his own and clicks “ok” under a warning about a penalty. Not afk and loss of connection, if I understand you correctly. Or do you mean people have difficulties with lags and click "exit the battle"?

  • To be honest the leaver penalty doesnt even really work. Not once have i left a match volentarily nor have i personally disconected from a match. However, i have recieved multiple penalities after the "looking for players" screen doesnt find any players and sends me back to the title screen.

    I have never come across a game where the afks and leavers are so numerous. 1 game in 10? fine. it sucks but it happens. 1 in every 2? thats a problem. I honestly dont know what i would do to combat this. Increasing the penalty is an option but if the penalty system isnt working properly it will result in unfair assessments.

    Another possible solution would be to implement computer players in place of leavers. It definitely wouldnt be perfect but it might just be better than having to wait for a fourth player.

  • @Commander-Brand Well given that some people just alt-f4 the game on PC, basing leaver penalties solely on those who click ok on their way out isn't gonna work on everyone. Lag or not, and I hate that this would apply to me for reasons out of my control, I think the leaver penalty should be a lot more immediate, harsher even. It's just bad form, regardless of ranked or casual. It should definitely be discouraged in my opinion. I just hope that those suffering from lag outs will understand the penalty is strict and applying to them for a good reason overall, even if it's unjust for people who lag out.

    Ultimately I mean anyone who leaves a match should get the penalty to ensure that those who really deserve it are not slipping through the crack so to speak. Regardless of why someone leaves a game, intentionally or not, it does negatively effect the match. Not the best justification but it's too common so I'm taking an extreme approach to it.

    @Whyte8437 You're totally right, it doesn't seem to work properly at all. If it did work though I still stand by what I said above. I'd rather there be zero tolerance with unfair assessments than letting some of the worst offenders get away with it!

  • @Whyte8437 wow, and it happens.

    Then I would suggest the developers to shift the priority of matchmaking to fill the empty matches. Thus, this will reduce the pain from losing a player. We will not care about the leavers if the new player joins in 5-10 seconds. An imbalance will not have time to significantly change the course of the game, and even if a team is uncoordinated and loses, a new player can be strong and change everything. So we also get rid of the predictability of matches.
    I think this should work well, because I doubt very much that not a single person stand to the queue for 5 minutes or more.
    Thus, the search for a new game for standing in queue will also become faster. There are many advantages from different points of view.