Daily quest suggestion

  • I think we should be able to reroll one daily because when I get a daily for completing 2 matches as someone I don't play 1. It slows down my progression to 30 on my main character and 2. It has a bad effect on my teamates when I don't know the character it wants me to play as. Hope you look into this.

  • In fairness I believe the point of it was to encourage people to step outside their comfort zones and try a bit of everything. Even if it takes you most of the day to do that one thing, you'll be a better player for doing it. Keep at it and eventually you'll find that you're comfortable on all fighters all of a sudden.

    Gigantic had a somewhat similar daily quest system in their game and because of it I went from maining only a couple of heroes to being able to competently fill with whoever the team needed. Ended up winning a lot more. Daily quests are a wonderfully sneaky way to make you a better player 🙂

  • @MisfitBanjax maybe like the apex legends système when you realise 5 or an over number daily quest in one week you've got a bonus and the same when you realise 10 or 15 daily quest in one week ( XP bonus not again coin )

  • @angemomo Personally I see no reason for them to change how it is now. It's only just out like. And it's not like 3 set quests a day is a big ask. As it is now, the daily quest system is simple, not overly challenging and encourages players to try more things. That last point is only going to improve once new fighters, maps and modes get released, and in the process, enabling a larger variety of quests.