Please do NOT change Makutu too much

  • His rework is coming and he is going to change, for the better hopefully but just don't change him to the point where he will feel and play like a different character. I love Makutu, I spent so much time playing him, I am already at level 30 even bought his new legendary skin Cloud Sumo and the Black Rugby. I play him and I have success with him, I got a win ratio of 62% with him but that does not justify that he doesn't need to be buffed or reworked. I love this character and he is like the most fun I had in any game in a while.

    I feel like Makutu's kit is underwhelming compared to Buttercup, she got most of the stuff he has already and better.

    It feels to me Buttercup's kit is just overloaded.

    Makutu got a speed boost that is not even that fast. Buttercup also got a speed boost but hers is better and even lingers on the oil puddle once she jumps and uses it. ( This is supposed to be a mod but somehow she have it by default)

    Makutu got a charge and so does Buttercup but instead buttercup can spam her charge over and over again, yeah it does not deal as much damage as Makutu's but they are very similar abilities. Good thing about Makutu's charge is that he can cancel but with Buttercup if you overshoot you can fall into the water if you are trying to push someone off so, you can't cancel it.

    Makutu got an aerial attack that knocks people up and Buttercup got the exact same shit but hers is faster and easier to use. This aerial attack also chain stuns tanks so, both buttercup and makutu can chain aerial attacks over and over again to stagger each other indefinitely but again Buttercup is easier to do this with.

    At the moment Makutu is good at peeling and only works against certain comps. In my opinion, he needs to be faster, with bigger radius on his abilities and more damage on his slap combos. Makutu got different slap combos but people never use them, that's not the fault of the character it's more like people are just too lazy to figure it out and say why Makutu is useless, he is useless to some extent but not always, people are just terrible as him and that's a fact.

    Also, give us his old boarding animation back because the new one is just too stiff. Never change his voice nor how he looks, he is just perfect visually and vocally. If you change Makutu too much you will just give those that actually play the character the biggest slap to the face and all the work and time we put on Makutu would be a waste.