Daily Quest System

  • This is a good idea and something that should make the game better. But there are two really important things when it comes to implementing it in a good way

    1. Each completed quest must reward its own set of coins. Based on the wording in the dev update it seems to me that the current plan is to only award coins after all of the quests have been completed. If this is true then that is NOT a good idea at all

    No other game that I play or can think of does its daily quest system like this they all award currency/xp for each individual quest completed so you feel like you’re getting something for everything that you do.

    Look at paladins, smite, apex, cod (any of them), battlefield, pubg, an obscure game like minion masters etc the list goes on and on they all do it the same way for good reason

    Let’s say the current plan is to give X number of coins after completion of 3 quests, they simply need to divide X by 3 and give out that amount for each one. So the total remains the same but people have the option of only completing one or two and still getting something for their time

    1. The amount of coins rewarded must be astronomical. If there are no plans to further increase end of match rewards or lower the absolutely ridiculous cost of cosmetics, then each one of these daily quests seriously must give at least 1-200 coins minimum. That is the only way to reasonably bridge the gap between this slow earn rate and insanely high cost.

    1. Nothing wrong with making it a complete all 3 for the reward thing. It's meant to encourage you to try more things, play more fighters, learn to parry, etc. At least I reckon it's all gonna be stuff like that. Point is, for the sake of encouragement, it's a good thing.

    Like if you only choose to do 1 of the 3 quests because that one says play the fighter you normally play while the others tell you to do stuff you normally don't, you're just kinda limiting your own experience of what the game has to offer outside your comfort zone. Besides, I'm pretty sure that is how GTA Online does it. Sure they even went a step further recently offering 1mil for doing 10 Daily Objectives before a certain date. As far as being rewarded for each quest, that's how Dead By Daylight do their Daily Rituals and personally I hardly ever benefit from it because I get too picky with them.

    1. From the looks of it, at least one of the potential rewards for completing your Daily Quests is 500 credits, which is very decent compared to the current per game credit drops. That's gonna make a huge difference towards getting enough credits for cosmetics.

    And on the topic of cosmetics, they are by no means essential and there's nothing wrong with the devs expecting people to earn them, especially if it means people play their game more which is legitimately a fair move given that they don't plan to implement any micro-transactions. They don't expect you to pay money for these things at all, nothing beyond what you pay for the game in the first place, which I personally feel is quite refreshing in an era of lootboxes. So what if it takes a while to unlock a skin, at least when you get it, people will know that you earned it! Especially the mastery skins. Don't fall victim to the reliance on instant gratification. I'm mean, sure, it's still gonna be one hell of a grind but come on, you can't expect it to be too easy to get everything. If it was, what happens then? You have to wait for new cosmetics to be released so you have something to save up for.