Skin Prices

  • We thought paying 2000 coins per each skin (Or should I say each color variation) was too much. But oh boy, this new prices are atrocious!

    I really like the idea of reaching level 30 before being able to buy some skins, which will give players something to grind for. And it's a great way of showing off your mastery on a fighter. BUT, the thing is, whose idea was to charge the full price for the color variations? It would make much more sense to pay 12000 for the skin, and something like 1000 or 2000 for each variation. But 12000 for each variation??? Why!?
    Same thing for the other skins. They are way too expensive if we have to pay 5000 or 7500 for each variation, since the rewards after each game are very very little. I'm guessing there will be options to buy coins for real money in the future, because this amount of match reward is never enough. But still, having to pay full price to get the same skin with a different color is not a good idea.

  • @Omid-RG l agree with you in all.
    But the level could be the half than they proposed for us.
    Lv max l think than is to much for a skin

  • @XxUnReached yes it's true, maybe unlock the skin with player level, not each caractère level ! Color variation 1 with level 10 of player, skin level 2 with level 20 of player and skin level 3 with level 30 player and little loot box like overwatch or apex legends système ! And add tag for graffe in game and gamer carde with picture and cadre

  • @XxUnReached Since you have to constantly switch in this game, you can't really main a fighter, so it kinda sucks that you have to grind for each fighter till level 30. I think 15 is ok.

  • Agree with both points. Level 30 is too much. And the prices of the new skins considering the match rewards are absurd tbh.

  • @Nitro8472 I play 11hours ( on 47 hours to play ) for arrive to the level 14 with gizmo and I économise 1 month and more for win 11000 points !!! In 3 month, nobody got a new skin and the game died !!!

  • @Omid-RG it’s the level requirement Im mad about. It’s gona take FOREVER to get to level 30. I honestly feel Iv worked hard enough to have earned that skin by now. Level 17 with Daemon.

  • Level 30 is too much and level 15 is too little. I think level 20 is nice. Still, I'm not buying any of them until the color variations become cheap. It makes 0 sense right now...