How to attract new players!

  • Can you get more players if you make the game free or a very large 65% limited discount as in Project Winter they made it free for 3 days and a very nice discount.

  • They literally just had a free weekend. Can't make the game free to play because it has no microtransactions, they'd make no money.

  • The game really can't do better than the price it's at now at £3 per month, unless you're talking the "box" price of £24.99 (which I suppose has to be that high because there's nothing the devs could sell were it to go F2P).

    As for Project Winter, that game is self-published. Ninja Theory is owned by Microsoft whose track record for supporting first party developers in terms of marketing is dire. A free weekend for a co-op survival game is great when nobody else is doing it, but there's loads of competitive multiplayer games that have had free weekends back-to-back and are continuing to do so - now's not the time for Bleeding Edge to do that to keep (more important than attracting atm) new players.