• I'm curious. What's the rationality for spending time and money on creating cosmetic stickers for boards when you can't actually see the sticker during the game? Seriously... you can barely see them. Did they honestly think anyone would care. Did they actually think it through? I'm not being facetious, I actually am interested in hearing a rationality for stickers, because it seems like an enormous waste of time for a game that has been lacking a severe amount of content since launch.

  • I have two guesses, one being that the game was supposed to be F2P with microtransactions and this was just another way of spending that spare change from currency packs, and two, it might've been one of those cool ideas in development that was overlooked in practice. I'd like to go with the former as that implies they knew what they were doing until unforeseen circumstances changed things, as the latter would imply they didn't know what they were doing, which is worse.

    If I were being really cynical about the first guess though, it'd be like how first person games sell skins when you can't see them, or aim-down-sights (ADS) recticle colours. It's not the first time Microsoft as a publisher has done this (see Forza 7's driver skins).