The Relationships so far

  • So here's what I understood from what they say in the spawn area, and from the selfie they got together :

    ZeroCool seems to have a crush on Gizmo

    Kulev DEFINITELY has a crush on Maeve, like, he outright says that

    Kulev and El Bastardo don't seem to like each other that much, as you can tell from their voice lines AND by looking at them in the selfie.

    Daemon might have a crush on Miko, but I'm not too sure.

    Also, Daemon is the only person that Nidhoggr is nice to. The only time you hear Nid laugh, is when he answers Daemon. Also in the trailer, he smiles at him. They could be old friends.

    Ok that's all I could assume is right. Anyone can add some more ?

  • Nobody really likes Cass cuz she creeps them all the hell out. 😛

  • Nid is also nice to Buttercup

  • Maeve has a sweet and nice exchange with Gizmo:

    Gizmo replies that "She'll be her bestie forever"

    She has a good interaction with Miko- asking if she can speak with nature too. Miko states that she's learned a lot from Maeve's "quest for endless beauty".

    She also has a nice chat with Buttercup, where she says that she reminds her of herself when she was young, full of spunk and vigor.

    She doesn't get on well with Cass though, and questions who raised her.

  • I’m a Kulev main and I never knew he had a crush on Maeve. Very interesting

  • @NerdyAndr3 when the players are choosing their characters, and they exchange a few lines... one of his to Maeve is something like ¨bestill my beating heart....if I still had one."

  • @JezebelTrap ,well she's very "individulist" and bossy,even her personality is realy agressive and a little delicate

    is a funny caracter sometimes on some conversations.

  • @Omid-RG Nid and Miko also have some sexual tension. He says he likes the way she moves and she says he has a very nice... Stroke...